8W Daily Lessons/Assignments

Sept. 14th

Bell Work - Mad Minute multiplication

Math - continued work on Adding and Subtracting with decimals - students were assigned a Pizzazz puzzle sheet (the back of last days work)

English - mini -lesson on nouns (common, proper and possessive nouns) and verbs (and auxillary verbs) - students completed literacy review activities involving sentence revisions, possessive nouns, auxillary verbs and subject of a sentence

- students revised and shared their Formal letters to Mr. Wood for printing

- introduction to vocabulary development lesson 1 - students wrote out the words 3x and 1 definition

Art - we reviewed the Elements of Art (line, colour, value, space, texture, shape and form) and asked students to incorporate them into their art folder design project - students created a plan for their design and then started working on the good version

Reminder - tomorrow is a phys-ed day - please bring appropriate clothing to participate



Pd Day

Sept 12th

Bell Work - Mad minute division

Math - lesson on adding and subtracting with decimals - students were assigned the front side of a worksheet

Physed - fitness testing continued - shuttle run and standing long jump

English - Formal letter was modelled again and more time provided to complete all drafts - the Final draft edited and revised should be ready to submit Monday morning

Science - online quiz on the Scientific Method, word search, and a brief introdution to the Characteristics of Living Things


Sept. 11th

Bell Work - Mad Minute multiplication

Math - we took up last days homework and had a lesson on rounding - students were assigned the rounding sheet and we took it up in class, we had a puzzle sheet to practice place value, tomorrow we will work on adding and subtracting with decimals

English - mini lesson on subjects (complete and simple) and predicates (complete and simple).  We completed literacy review activities involving sentence revisions, subject/predicates, tenses (past, present and future and suffixes

           - another formal letter (the third one) was modelled for students to help students understand proper formal letter expectations, students were given time to continue drafting and to start typing the good copy using Work online.  The rough draft should be completed for homework.  The good copy should be ready to hand in on Monday.

Reminders - students need to bring in a lock for their locker

                - Friday is a PD day - no school for students


Sept. 10th

Bell Work - Mad minute division

Math - we took up last days homework and continued working on Place value and number forms - students were assigned the front side of a Math Power worksheet

English - we had a diagnostic spelling test, mini - lesson on conjunctions (coordinating, subordinating and correlative) and completed literacy review activities involving sentence revisions, conjunctions, and contractions - students were asked to continue working on drafting their formal letter of introduction - by now they should have the introductory paragraph and at least one body paragraph written

Science  - we completed the remaining activities of the Scientific Method project - there will be an online quiz on the information next period - Thursday

Reminders - tonight is Meet the Teacher night from 5-6:30 - very informal

                 - the next physed period is Friday - please bring proper physed clothing


Sept. 9th

Bell Work - mad minute multiplication

Math - lesson on place value and number forms (standard, expanded, words, etc.) - students were assigned a worksheet - the front side should be completed as well as question 1 on the back

English - literacy review activities with a mini-lesson on Objects (direct, indirect, object of the preposition), students also completed activities involving sentence revisions, singular and plural and base words

Science - Scientific Method activities continued - we completed "watch it" and "explore it" activities

Physed - Fitness testing - push ups and curl ups

Reminders - don't forget to get a lock for your locker

                - Meet the Teacher - Tuesday, Sept. 10th from 5 to 6:30 pm - food can be purchased through the school's Online Cash System


Sept. 6th

Bell Work - Mad minute addition

Math - we finished the Math Diagnostic test

English - introduction to the Literacy Review bell work mini-lesson and daily assignment - today we had a lesson on sentence types and completed literacy review questions involved sentence revisions, choosing the best word to complete a sentence, sentence types and abbreviations

- we started our first writing assignment - Formal letter of introduction (it has 3 purposes - 1. to help get to know the students better, 2. to help me understand the students writing abilities, 3. to teach the proper format for a formal letter

Music - We didn't Start the Fire - activity and introduction to the culminating task

Art - work period for the Code of Arms activity - if not completed, it is homework and should be handed in on Monday

Reminders - don't forget to get a lock for your locker

                - Meet the Teacher - Tuesday, Sept. 10th from 5 to 6:30 pm - food can be purchased through the school's Online Cash System


Sept. 5th

Bell Work - mad minute division

Math - we reviewed operations with decimals to help students with the diagnostic activity - students continued working on the diagnostic and will complete it tomorrow

English - students learned about the 7 learning styles and completed a questionnaire to determine their learning style - they recorded likes and needs for their style, we continued working on the Code of Arms media assignment - it will be due on Monday

Physed - routines were discussed and we played some low organized cooperative games - Riverbank and Human Hurdles

Science - we continued playing the interactive Scientific Method game called Inky and the Squid - students should have completed level 4 by Monday and filled in the necessary answers

Reminders: - most have returned their forms - thank you very much - but a few students still need to bring them back

                  - all students need a lock for their locker - for their own benefit (a place to store their items without worrying that they will be taken)

                  - Meet the teacher is Tuesday, Sept. 10th - 5 - 6:30 p.m.


Sept. 4th

Bell Work - we went over the procedures for developing our recall of math facts (mad minutes) 

Math - End of grade 7, beginning of grade 8 math diagnostic test - 1st part

English - Media activity - Code of Arms activity, lesson on the importance of following directions, Apathy lesson

Reminders:  -Please return all forms to Mr. Wood 

                   - tomorrow is a physed day, please bring proper equipment (t-shirt, indoor athletic shoes, shorts/track pants/yoga pants, etc.)

                   - Meet the teacher - Tuesday, Sept. 10th

Sept. 3rd

Welcome back to school

Introductions (teacher and student)- locker allocation, seating plan, etc.

Back to School Assembly

English - Back to school slideshow with expectations and code of conduct

Science - class expectations and assessment policies were discussed, review activity for the Scientific Method - students participated in an online game to help learn/remember the steps of the Scientific Method from grade 7.