Miss Wood's Class

Weekly student work will be sent home every Friday in a blue folder. Please read and discuss the contents of your child's folder with them. Take time to review your child's work and be sure to praise your child for a job well done. If your child wants to make corrections on low papers his/her work is due within the next two school daya unless I receive a parent note. Please remember to ask your child every Wednesday about their conduct and their work from the week, sign it in the appropriate place, and return to school. DON'T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR CHILD'S HW PLANNER AND READING RECORD DAILY! Remember, there will be Reading, Math, and Science EOG tests in May.  Please stress to your child the importance of doing his/her best at all times. In this class we know we come to school to LEARN and WE ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE SAME TEAM!