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Mr. Pengelly's Math Class

ABOUT ME -- Mr. Woodrow Pengelly is a student teacher pursuing certification as a high school math teacher.  I have degrees in math and economics from West Point and a Master's in Engineering from the University of Missouri Science and Technology.  I am currently student teaching at Steilacoom High School in Washington State.  I have 10 years of applied math experience as an Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army.  My hobbies in my spare time include fractals, proofs, and evaluating definite integrals.

UPCOMING EVENTS (illustrative, not actual):

 2 APRIL - 6 APRIL : Spring Break

17 April -- Algebra 2 Chapter 9 Test

19 April -- Pre-Calculus Chapter 10 Test

2 May -- Algebra 2 Chapter 10 Test

16 May -- Precalculus Chapter11 Test

28 May - 1 June -- Final Exam week


HELPFUL MATH LINKS (Borrowed from my mentor):

Army Tutor -- Tutorting service for students with militay affiliation

Hot Math Help -- Helps students work problems from textbook

Precalculus Help -- Website for precalculus Help