Mr. Turner's World Geography Class


      Hi, I am Mr. Turner, your teacher for World Geography at East Sedalia High School. This class is an elective class for juniors and seniors, but can be used as one of the social studies units required for graduation.


What to expect

    In World Geography, you will learn more than just how to read the a map. You will learn the geography, climate, economic, cultural and political systems of each continent. Each student will give a ten minute presentation with visual aids for a selected country from each continent. Project rubrics will be handed out at the beginning of each quarter.


What is coming up

  • Friday, September 23: Quiz due on State and Provincial capitals in North America
  • Wednesday, September 28: Presentations on North American state and provinces due
  • Friday, October 7: Unit test on North America

Links fun website that teaches world geography through game site that helps students learn about World History and Geography


Contact Me

Phone: (660) 899-0099