Classroom Photos

October Photos

Click on the link below to see pictures from the onsite field trip and images of the class discussing the diameter, height and number of lines on their pumpkins. The class also enjoyed cupcakes and received goodie bags on the last Friday in October.

November Photos

The 3rd Grade classes journeyed to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History on November 30. Upon arrival the teachers provided the students with Scavenger Hunt worksheets to use throughout their exploration of the world’s largest dinosaurs, the development of life on earth and the landscapes of present-day Georgia . They were also able to catch a glimpse of cultures from around the world.


December Photos

After two cancellations due to uncontrollable events, we were finally able to have our Holiday Party. The kids had a blast. A special thanks to all of the parents for following through with assisting despite the number of date changes!