This module will enable you to explore prewriting in detail.  Inspiration, ideas, and prompts for writing are provided on the "Resource and Inspiration" page, or you may use this or any other module's resources to assist you with a writing assignment you've already been given.

 Objectives for the Prewriting Module: 
  • Students will practice prewriting until they are comfortable with the concept and are able to pre-write copious ideas, thoughts, and random details about a specific topic or experience in a short amount of time. 
  • Students will improve organizational skills in their writing, making it apparent that they understand the various methods of organization including, but not limited to the following:  chronological, spatial, theoretical, conceptual, etc.
  • Students will learn various tools and how to use them to organize their thoughts, such as color-coding, outlining, grouping, etc. 
Refer to the Rubric page as you work, paying special attention to the "Ideas" category on the Narrative Rubric.  
  • Start with brainstorming:  do not skip this step!  It is so important to spend time putting everything that is in your mind down on paper (or onscreen) so that you have all of your thoughts in front of you.
  • If you are having a hard time narrowing down a topic, try this approach.  Pick your favorite three ideas and force yourself to write everything that comes to mind about each one for exactly one minute.  (A kitchen timer works great!)  At the end of three minutes, select the page with the most written on it and that should be your best option, because you have the most content.

Use one of the online brainstorming/digital artifact creation tools below:
Wordle is a fun, online tool which allows you to make "word clouds" by typing in a bunch of words.  While it does not organize your content, you may find it to be an entertaining way to brainstorm.  Check out the following:

Create your own video slideshow at

Tagxedo is another brainstorming graphic art option. 

Another tool I suggest you explore is an online brainstorming/organizing site called  Here is my example where I used it to brainstorm/prewrite about the prewriting process itself.  You may find this tool works for you to brainstorm and loosely organize at the same time, or you may need to only use it after you have brainstormed.  In other words, please do not let the functions interfere with you getting your thoughts down.
Directions, continued:
  • Begin organizing your brainstorming ideas by grouping like objects, putting them in chronological or spatial order, or some other method, which is only the first step in bringing order to your loose thoughts.  
  • Record all of your work in a Google Doc.  (Copy and Paste, hyperlink, or type directly into the document.)