Students will fine tune and polish their writing, editing for grammatical, spelling, and other errors.





  • Use the categories and guidelines in the table below to guide you as you edit your writing.
  • Refer back to the rubric page as you edit, paying special attention to the "conventions" category.
  • Use a spelling and/or grammar check program; watch out for misspellings it won't catch though!  (Ewe can't bee two careful.  You can't be too careful!)
  • You may want to ask a peer editor to review your work again, one more time.
  • Do I use end punctuation after all my sentences?
  • Do I use commas correctly?
  • Do I use apostophes to show possession?



  • Do I start all my sentences with capital letters?
  • Do I capitalize all proper nouns? 





  • Have I spelled all my words correctly?
  • Have I double-checked words in my spell checker might miss?  





  • Do I use correct forms of verbs?
  • Do my subjects and verbs agree in number?
  • Do I use the right word? 


  • Continue to record all of your work in your Google Doc.  (Copy and Paste, hyperlink, or type directly into the document.)