Resource and Inspiration Links

 Resource and Inspiration Links 

Sites to explore for inspiration:

PBS Greatest Performances Site:  A collection of performances ranging from pop to opera from PBS. 

“Wicked the Musical:” Music from the Broadway sensation, “Wicked,” one of my favorites!

“Mary Poppins:”  A brief introduction and advertisement from the Broadway version of “Mary Poppins.”  I got chills just watching this short bit with glimpses of the show, which I love! 

“Singin’ in the Rain” Trailer:  This classic movie trailer gives you a fantastic glimpse into the talent and style of the era in which it was born.

Network Dance ballet videos:  Great site with a variety of videos to choose from.

The Juilliard School:  Probably the most well known performing arts school, with studies in dance, drama, and music.

“Glee:” The television hit show’s website.  Gleek out!

Perhaps Y-O-U engaged in some “Great Performances” of your own!  Use one of the tools below to create a digital artifact of your very own performances, either with pictures, videos, or a combination of the two.

Smilebox: This great site allows you to use photos and videos with or without music.

Animoto: A video collage site.

 Possible Prompts:


  • Compare and contrast two performances.
  • Describe the emotions you feel when performing or when watching a certain performance.
  • Watch or listen to a performance and write the story you see and/or hear.
  • Feel free to write your own prompt!