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30 March 2020- Hello to my students who are at home staying safe! I am in our room and going the training we need for this week of the soft roll out of online work in ELA. First- do not get all worked on this new platform for learning while we ride out the CV Pandemic. At this point you will be doing 45 minutes of iReady a week and we can see who has done the work and passed it. You can do that in one sitting or over several days. Also we encourage all of you to be reading at least 15 minutes a day. Keep a log of the book or books and number of minutes as I will need that information later on.  I am doing as much pleasure reading as I can and have finished 4 novels in the last two weeks. On my 6th now. I will also be assigning some reading in SCOPE as you have access to that online and there are videos to watch, we just won't be able to do the written work unless something should change in the next few weeks. We can ZOOM for discussions. More on that later. Hold on to your essay assigned two weeks before break and due last Friday March 27. I cannot accept emailed work, but save everything as we may have a collection at the end of the quarter. No grades will be entered electronically so do not check the gradebook as nothing will be there. I am sure you will be diligent and complete the iready and other reading and perhaps some fun writing. April is National Poetry month and I submitted your poems to SCOPE and Creative Communication before I left for Spring Break. Hopefully we will have some winners for publication! Fingers crossed. 

Some good news from the Florida Council on Econcomic Education: Our two poster winners are Liana S.and Laura H. Their beautiful work will be hanging in the Capital buidling in Tallahassee. As soon as I receive your prizes, I will get them mailed to you. Congrats girls and well done! 

I am signing off for now- you have iready to do and enjoy reading some good books which you can also access with ONE PASS cloud library by using your N# and Pin#.  I miss you and be safe. I pray for your good health and well-being. Love, Mrs. Squires xoxo

2 April 2020: Hey guys! I hope all of you are well and staying in and washing hands a lot! I hope you are finding enjoyment in reading and working on your iReady. Slow and steady wins the race. Just work thru the lessons and pass them! I will be sending out office hours and a goggle phone number soon as i just got connectivity at home after several glitches. All of this is new to us so be patient and don't fret. My expectations are to do what we have been doing. I will assign a reading on SCOPE next week and there is no school on Friday April 10 due to the scheduled holiday. The Easter Bunny is coming I hope with a mask on. Ha! Everything is going to be alright! Hugs to all, Mrs. Squires

OFFICE HOURS should you need to contact me: Wednesday from 1-3 and my Google Phone Number is : 941 275-2672 or via email of course. You know I am confident in your ability to read and complete the iReady lessons as well as enjoy reading, keep a log of your minutes per day and follow CDC rules for keeping safe. Fingers crossed this will be over soon... 

3 April 2020: Hope all of you are doing well and looking forward to the weekend! If you do not have internet at home, please let me know. I am sure by now that you all do but there are options if you do not but I must know asap. I did survey all of you early in the year and believe that I have that information, but we have to supply it to the office. Thanks so much! I will be zooming with SCOPE editors and all of the other national teacher advisors next week on Tuesday afternnon. They are working on some SCOPE at home activities for us as you have SCOPE online. Remember that we would be doing writing and reading for state testing and since we are not doing testing now, we have reading still to do. I know that we may be able to work out some components, but just try to keep reading and keep your log on the books you are reading both fiction and nonfiction. I have seen some really funny poems about the CVirus and staying in so all of you poets- consider trying your hand at an ODE, or a HIAKU, or a regular poem like we were writing in #67. I should be hearing if any of you had your poems selected by SCOPE or Creative Communication poetry contest. I will pass on that good news as soon as I receive it. This is an unprecedented time and we are all doing our best to deal with it. I miss you and need you to check the website for updates as that is how I will communicate with you. Thanks for your sweet emails and stay safe. Love you guys!

6 April 2020: Hello all- I sent you an email via your school email on Friday as you need to fill out that forms information that the school must collect and send to the County re: use of internet. It was sent to your school email acct. N# email. Please take care of it today as I only have 51 replies and we are late on this matter. Thanks so much.

Hope you are all well and staying in to read and complete the iready work. I will me zooming with SCOPE editors and other national teacher advisors tomorrow afternoon. I will assign a SCOPE reading in April issue this week. I know this is a special week for us with Passover and Easter and there is NO SCHOOL on Friday for the observance of Good Friday. I will all you every blessing and great joy on these special days!  Remember to keep your reading logs. Thanks! Mrs. Squires

8 April 2020: Mid-week and all is well with me and hopefully with you. You must be doing the iready lessons for 45 minutes a week. I can see when you are in and what is done as well as if you pass the lesson. That is a record that will be part of your final grade. Thanks for getting your survey completed. It was important and you must be checking the website daily as that is our regular form of communication. 

Yesterday I did a zoom meeting with all of the National teacher advisors for SCOPE as well as the editors. I met Jennifer Dignan who writes the poetry that we have enjoyed and emulated this year. She was so gracious and appreciative of the praise. I shared that my Esther N. had written a cool poem about CVirus and will share that with the editors as soon as I get the go-ahead from Esther. :) 

Those of you who are not checking the website each day, please do that. Last week was the soft roll out of the virtual programs. It is not without glitches and things to work out. We are all learning new things and it a challenge for sure. Be counting your blessings each day. I am keeping a journal of this momentous time in history. It is good to write freely and record what is going on and what we are doing each day. It helps keep me on a routine.

If you are observing Passover as sundown tonight, every blessing and good wishes. Good Friday means no school, and Easter is Sunday. I will be observing it alone this year. I will be thinking of you and grateful that you are safe. I miss you. I will update you with anything I need to. Expect to see posting for SCOPE work and Scope at home activities coming soon from the editors who are working on that as we speak. Much love to you all! Mrs. Squires  

Update on 4-8: I have spoken with Kyan W.'s mom- he came home from spring break in Arizona quite ill and he is in St. Pete at All Children's Hospital and going thru a tough time. Mom has confirmed that we can send Get well cards to him that she can take to him or have for him once he is released from the hospital. Please make the effort to do this as I know he will appreciate it and doing good things for others is a VERY GOOD THING! He is an important member of the Blue Team and our grade 6. So make a card or use a store bought one and send to: Kyan at 11751 Breadfruit Lane

Venice, FL 34292 Thanks so much everyone! smileyyesheart

13 April 2020: A new week and I hope you had a wonderful Easter or Passover! If you experienced any issues with slow internet in North Port or on iReady, just understand that with so many now online, there are going to be issues. Just breathe and come back to it. I would like for you to go online to SCOPE and read The Broom Dog and complete the reading of the article on Emotional Support Animals. There is a writing component and will let you know about doing it later this week. Please try to complete by Wednesday. Keep your reading log, this will count so log it as you will be turning in the logs at the end of the quarter as part of your grade. Just set it up with an MLA heading and add to it each day. Thanks so much! I hope you made the effort to be in contact with Kyan W, by sending him a get well card. Also big news, Esther N. received a letter today from Jennifer Dignan( poet and editor in Scholastic SCOPE) very cool. WHen I suggested that you compose an original poem for National Poetry Month, Esther did just that. I loved it and shared with editors last week. So proud of her for making the effort! I am happy to read and respond to your poems which you can send to me via Attachment on email. smiley If you need to , email me and I will respond. Much love to all and keep up the good spirits ane work. 

14 April 2020: I hope you are enjoying reading " The Broom Dog" and Emotional Support Animals. Remember to add it to your reading log. If you have tried your hand at writing a poem about the Covid-19 and this time of pandemic, send to me via attachment and I can forward to SCOPE editors. Make sure you have a Jazzy title and all the information we normally put on works. Please send a card to our classmate Kyan W. if you have not done so. I would appreciate it and so would he. Thanks! My best friend made a mask for me so I can venture out to Publix. I have a stylish floral number to help keep me safe. One good thing about being home is finding many surprises when organizing yourself. I am keeping a journal about this experience as it is historical and monumental for sure. I hope you are finding joy each day and know you are loved and missed. 

15 April 2020: Whew, we are half-way thru April. I feel like all of my days run together which requires checking to see what day it is! LOL! I hope you enjoyed reading " The Broom Dog" the writing prompt comes at the end so by next Friday, you will write a five paragraph essay with a Jazzy title, MLA set-up and answer the prompt for this explanatory essay: What is Canton Afraid of? How does he overcome his fear? You must cite text evidence. Save it as you can submit to SCOPE using the online entry which you can access and they explain that you use a pdf to submit. That is for extra credit, not required. WE cannot mail the entries now as editors are working remotely. I will tell you which day each class period will submit to me online with attachment. 

Now we are moving on to read in SCOPE: "Courage in a Time of Terror" a nonfiction narrative. Please log the read time and complete by Friday April 17. Enjoy! Thanks for being responsible and attentive students. Hang in there! Love you guys, Mrs. Squires

17 April 2020: Friyay! I just finished my zoom faculty meeting with Dr. Covert and wanted to wish you a great weekend. Always scroll down on the postings as I will not remove any of them as I normally do after one week. I will be printing keeping as part of our record keeping process. Now, you should have finished reading Courage in a Time of Terror and be working on your explanatory essay of five typed paragraphs and due on Friday April 24. You will submit to me via email with the essay as an attachment in the following timeline:

Period 3- your essay must be sent to me from 9:00-9:30

Period 4- your essay must be sent to me from 10:00-10:30

Period 7- Your essay must be sent to me from 11:00-11:30

Period 8- Your essay must be sent to me from 12:00-12:30

Period 9- your essay must be sent to me from 1:00-1:30

I will read and grade all of the work and send back to you my comments as we are not posting anything in gradebook until the grading policy for quarter 4 is established by the Landings. I will record at home and base your score on FSA rubric for explanatory essay work which you know. 

A reminder since we lost our "school legs" and the great writing routine we were on prior to spring break- MLA heading on your work. A Jazzy Title is centered. Times or Times New Roman size 12 font, double space. Five well constructed paragraphs. You must have in Paragraph 1- A HOOK( there are four types of hooks remember) Your thesis statement that reponds to the prompt posed for The Broom Dog. Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 must correctly cite text evidence including quotes and page numbers. Paragraph 5 concludes and close with a Zinger which is never a question! That's it and you are not doing anything new. Show me something well written. I am eager to see what you compose. 

Have a safe weekend. You are always in my heart! Miss you and thanks for the sweet emails! Send Kyan Wingate a card! WE hope he will get out of the hospital this weekend. Some welcome home cards would surely boost his spirits! Thanks!

20 April 2020: Happy Monday! AS you know by now from the recorded message sent on Saturday, we are not returning to school this year. While this may the most challenging of times, we are all doing the best we can given our situation. I need those of you who have not been doing the iready lessons of 45 minutes each week to get busy as I can see who is and who has not done the assignment. Make sure you keep the reading log as it must be typed and will be submitted at the end of the quarter. To begin our work this week, please read: " Far From Home" and answer the following essential questions by Thursday April 23: Type them and save and I will send directions for submission. All work must have an MLA heading please. Here are your questions for this drama: How do we cope with change? How are environmental problems solved? and  How can one person make a difference? These are not one sentence answers as you will have information in the play as well as what is going on in the real world.

Congrats to Leon J. whose poem went to Jennifer Dignan at school and he received her reply! WEll done and since she is super busy as an editor, your work was impressive to her. So proud. I will be zooming with Scholastic SCOPE editors tomorrow so stay tuned! Miss you and love you and keep learning online! 

21 April 2020: Hey guys! I hope you are having a good day! Please read the directions previously posted for submission times of your essay this Friday. I would appreciate it! Thanks!

I just got off a zoom meeting with SCOPE editors and they are all well and working hard from home. The winner of the Short Story contest has not been determined yet due to the pandemic and time needed to judge all entries! So, someone could still be in the running from our submissions. The May issue will have some additional things for us as well as videos from from the editors in their area: Graphics, fiction, poetry etc...

I am checking work completed on iready, so if you are not doing the lessons assigned on March 30, please make an effort! My blessing today is knowing you are safe and well! I also love having SCOPE! I had a nice early morning walk with my mask on and have been watching SIFI Battlestar Galactica which I had never seen. Who knew? Stay safe! Love and hugs!

23 April 2020: I hope you all had a good Earth day yesterday and are thankful for the good things we have. You were to complete the reading of Far From Home and typing the answers of the critical thinking questions for today. I clearly stated that I would post the due date to submit which I am doing now. Please do not send work to me until directed. It is a process and I need you to adhere to ditections. Since your essays are due tomorrow in the timeline I posted by class periods, your questions are due on Tuesday April 28 and use the same class period time line. Thanks! Now please enjoy reading:  Attack from Outer Space and the Big Stink! Try to complete by Monday April 27. 

Here is an idea- Write and illustrate a thank-you note and leave it for the Postman! I know I love getting mail each day and they are out there doing their job for us! Show me what you made and I will credit you. Miss you! 

24 April 2020: FRIYAY! I am ready for the weekend, I do not know why since we can't go anywhere! laugh I appreciate your essays being sent in the directed manner. If you did not submit it, please respond to me via email as you were contacted and or your parents. Thanks. Do not expect me to post today, you had over a week to complete so I will need a few day to read and grade. I go as fast as I can so be patient. Please keep your reading log up to date. 

I heard from Mrs. Wingate and Kyan is home and so appreciated all of the cards and letters from all of you who sent them! So nice to come home to fun things from classmates and friends! He enjoyed them she told me. Thanks to all who contacted him. 

I received some great cards for our mail carriers! Thanks again for doing something good for someone else. We can still share our gifts even though we are home. There are so many folks who we need to thank and it is appreciated when we do. Work has been posted for next week so please do that. I have to determine a grade for all of you at the end of the quarter so I need you to complete the assignments as they are minimal. I do not want you to lose your skill set as we were on a roll before spring break and life as we knew it. 

Thanks for hanging in there you amazing almost seventh graders! I am proud of your efforts! heartyes

27 April 2020: We are beginning the last week of April and are on the downhill slide into May. I cannot believe it as time seems to drag in isolation. You should have finished reading the assignment I gave you last week due today. Your three questions to answer for the assigned reading: Far From Home are due tomorrow using the scheduled times I assigned each class period for essay submission of Friday. Please follow those directions and read the website carefully as I am trying to be very clear on works assigned. I have received only a few copies of the mail carrier thank you letters so some of you need to be making an effort. Those I have received are super great: Liana, Maggie, Dalton, Sofia Y, Nathanael to cite a few outstanding ones! Loved seeing them, you also made my day!  I will post a reading assignment tomorrow as you need to finish the questions and submit tomorrow! It is a beautiful day and I am grateful we have each other in this pandemic. I know we will rise above all challenges and always count our blessings! Love you! Mrs. Squires

29 April 2020: Hey guys! If you did not send your work in on time yesterday, please do so immediately. Thanks! Here is your assignment due next Wednesday May 6. In the May issue of SCOPE online, you will read "Why are these Chips so Delicious?'  complete the Short Write by clicking on SHORT WRITE KIT to organize your typed response with an MLA heading. Once you complete that you will then submit on May 6 your answer to What does the section "burst of Flavor: contribute to the article. Since we seem to be enjoying so many snacks during our quarantine, this is a great look at a favorite snack of America- Chips! 

If you ordered a copy of the Creative Communication Poetry book because your work was chosen for publication, it show have arrived. Congrats to all of you who are now published writers! Well done. WE should hear soon about the Spring entries! Fingers crossed. 

1 May 2020: The final countdown is on! A new month and lovely weather is uplifting. I hope you are continuing to work on assignment due next Weds. May 6. Please read " The Right Notes" and complete the Inference Activity due on Friday May 8. Kristin Lewis reads this piece with you so might enjoy that as she is the Editor. Give me your feedback as I zoom on Tuesday with SCOPE editors and all of the other national teacher advisors. I will be happy to share with Kristin. smiley Have a good weekend! I miss you and I am proud of you for being diligent and proactive on your work this quarter. heart

4 May 2020: Greetings kiddoes! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have your work ready to submit this week. Please follow the timeline directions for submission previously posted by class periods. Thanks!  HOMEWORK DUE ON MAY 12: Read in SCOPE Jennifer Dignan's poem: Advice for 8th Grade. Watch her recite it and use the POEM organizer skill sheets and follow all directions. You click on Organizer to do the - Plan your Advice prep work before composing your original poem about Grade 6 year. You will use the title: Advice for Sixth Grade with your own Jazzy title in parenthesis under the main title. You are writing in Second person voice so if you do not adhere to the directions, big deduction, When you submit next week, make sure you have the drawing or photograph of yourself as the final step by step directions require. I will select the best ones for submission to SCOPE poetry contest and you will submit online which equals a 100% A. wink

Now for this week, it is National Teacher Appreciation Week- it is a tradition in my class that my students compose a well constructed letter to a teacher you have this year. I do not care who you select. I would then prepare luv gifts for the teachers on team and deliver all of the letters. Since we cannot do that step, you will submit the letter via email to the teacher and copy the letter the to me for your grade. We have done Friendly letters all year, so this should be a snap for you. Here is what you do. When you draft your letter you need a date and Greeting: Then three-four well constructed paragraphs that are more than 2-3 sentences. WE do not do bare minimum folks,  then in Paragraph 1 thank the teacher that you select and share what you appreciate about them every day all year not just for this week. Use details, literary elements etc. The remaining paragraphs you might share things you learned, reflections on time in their class or how we go the extra mile for you! Share a compliment or quote that reflects them. All teachers work hard and as you know in this time of pandemic, we need to acknowledge all those who are essential in our lives. I cannot tell you how much my team teachers have appreciated the letters over the years. I am a saver, so trust me, this is a GOOD thing! ENd with a Jazzy closing. Write from the heart and your letter will be perfect! Thanks! 

I am almost finished with the reading of the essays so you do not need to send to me again, it takes awhile. Hang in there and let's finish big! Mother's Day is Sunday, good time to write an Ode to my Mom. WE love those things from our kids. My son and I were just looking thru a box full of things he did for me over the years, laughter and tears and so much fun! Make it a good week! Stay safe and wash hands before and after typing. LOL!

5 May 2020: It is Cinco De Mayo day! Salsa and chips anyone? I am working my way thru all of the emails and works submitted. Remember you have an assignment due tomorrow as well as a the Teacher Appreciation Letter due this week. Read the directions carefully. I have so enjoyed reading the letters already submitted and they will be appreciated! Thanks for soing quality work! 

I am zooming with SCOPE today so will update on anything there. Remember best poems will be submitted to national contest. We are on the downhill slide. I know it will not be the same ending as if we were in school, but you have been troopers and hung in there and that is Excellent! Have a good day and please submit your work on time. 

This just in at 5:00 today: Congrats to the forty-nine winners for pubication in the Creative Communication Spring Poetry contest. I submitted your entries prior to Spring Break and the quarantine. You should be receiving an email advising you to Proof and Publish your work by May 21st. If you did not enter an email address on your entry form, you will not be notified so email me and I will send you a code. By Friday this week, if you did not hear from CCommunication let me know so we can get this taken care of promptly. You do not have to purchase a book to be published, just give permission to publish. Thanks and way to go...

Winners: Lauren D., Laura H., Leon J., Alohi G.,Ella P., Dylan W., Sofia Y., Jacoby C., Lizzy K., Sofia G., Kane R., Luke P., Esther N., Nathan D., Anthony C., Cora M., Logan D., Yegor T., William W., Diya P., Alan D., Megan H., Carly C., Marko C., Albert J., Jack L., Lauren V., Kate D., Isabella Z., Lila M., Ginger K., Steven K., Maggie G., Anish Y., Sophia Y., Clayton F., Jacob F., Cadence L., Jackson M., Alexander M., Clare C., Samuel W., Brian H., Layla T., Dalton B., Andrew K., Camille W., Aashima G., Lila S. ! I am so proud of you all. This was the work using the Dream format like Jennifer Dignan's work in SCOPE. WE killed it for sure. 49 selected so that is great...

6 May 2020: Your teacher appreciation letters are due to the recipient by Friday and copy to me. Teacher Appreciation Day was Tuesday May 5, however the entire week is designated as Appreciation Week at PINE VIEW. Please address this exercise if you have not done so. Thanks! Next assignment is due on Friday for The Right Notes. It was posted on Monday. Poems next week. Please read and follow the directions and submit the work with a correctly MLA formatted style. Thanks! 

Congrats to Poets and cheers to Kyan W. who is on the mend! Thanks for all of the nice notes and messages guys! You make my day.  

I will be packing up the room and your portfolios and journals will be sent out to be bagged for pick-up. The information for materials pick-up will be sent out from PINE VIEW administration. Please adhere to those directives. 

7 May 2020: Happy Thursday! I am enjoying reading your Teacher Appreciation letters and have read nice feedback from the teachers receiving them. You are making us very happy as we quarantine. I am about to go stir crazy with too much screen time on my poor old eyes. I am making my plan to get the classroom packed up and as you will be receiving directions and dates and times for materials pick-up and return from the Administration. Dr. Covert has already sent that out so document your calendar. I will be in the room on Friday and sending your journals and portfolios to be bagged for pickup. 

You have work due tomorrow which was to read and complete the Inference activity for The Right Notes. You do NOT have to submit to me the inference sheet, just log it in your reading log. 

BIG Project work due next week: The POEM. Make sure you complete the plan packet and the work as it directs you thru  each step. We have used them all year so this is not new. 

Plan something good for your MOM for Mother's Day weekend!  One more day this week. WE are coming to an end soon. Thanks for hanging in there! 


11 May 2020: Happy Monday, hope you spoiled your moms yesterday! I am taking a break from packing and cleaning out the classroom again today to remind you of work due this week: POEM project.  Please submit it on time and during the time I assigned your class periods which was previously posted.  A reminder that when you type your work, Center the title, each line in stanzas are single spaced and double space between stanzas. After the last line of your poem, double space and center By: your first and last name. I will identify which work will be submitted to SCOPE after I check them in.  You have had over a week and it is due tomorrow MAY 12.

Please go onto www.poeticpower.com and Proof and Publish your poems for the Spring Poetry contest. Thanks, the deadline is May 21. 

Deadline for your READING LOG to be submitted is MAY 22. It must have your name, tittles of books, minutes per day with the dates included since March 30. Thanks!

We are getting close to completing quarter 4 and while it is a bit of a let down from all the end of year fun activites, we have to be safe and stay healthy so we can come back for the next school year ready to go and hopefully with a greater appreciation of how lucky we are. I am tired of being at home! I have missed all of you and thanks for being responsible for your work! 

13 May 2020: Hey gang- I have been tolling away in #67 this week to clean and pack up the room for summer. It feels weird to be there without you. Your portfolios and journals have been sent to be bagged for pick-up on the dates announced by Pine View Administration. You will have to follow directions for your pick-up dates and times. It is a big task to clear out the room and make it ready for custodians to do the thorough cleaning over summer and hopefully we will be all clear for the return. I know I have a lot of "stuff and things" after so many years of teaching. It is fun to walk down memory lane and read notes and saved treasures from all of you. Thanks for thoughtful gestures! They mean so much to me. 

Now, you need be reading the 15 minutes daily and keeping the log up to date as I need it sent to me on Friday May 22. I am compiling all works to get ready to post. WE were directed to not post anything in Quarter 4 gradebook as only the quarter grade will be posted. WE do not have the luxury of changing all of the grading components to accomodate the learning at home. You have no tests, or classwork this quarter. All work is done at home. Late and incorrrectly submitted work factors into your final grade. 

WORK DUE FOR WEDNESDAY MAY 20 is: Read the play The Sword in the Stone and create the following: You are Arthur. Write the speech you will give on your coronation day! It must be three well constructed paragraphs, Jazzy title and be sure to talk about what kind of king you intend to be, Britain's future and whay you believe you will do a good job as king! This is a first person speech! MLA format please. Hail King Arthur speeches due on MAY 20!

15 May 2020: Hurrah! The weekend is upon us. Whew, what a week of cleaning and packing the classrooms. So many things to complete and Wednesday May 20! Your reading LOGS are due on Friday May 22. I plan to start posting grades this Friday as we have a long weekend coming with no school on Monday May 25 as we celebrate Memorial Day. It is going to be a rainy day and possible week so a good tine to catch up on reading and document by day the 15 minutes of required reading time and the title and author of book. Thanks! It is a typed document. Late work and poorly executed work impacts your grade as it does when we are in physical school and that does not change because we are online now. Please be diligent. 

Many of you have not gone on to www.poeticpower.com to Proof and Publish your Creative Communication winning Poems for the spring contest. Deadline is this week May 21st. I have given several reminders so please take care of it this week. Contact me for a code if you failed to include your email address on the entry form as the company is showing who has submitted. Thanks! Do not miss out! 

20 May 2020: Thanks for submitting your Arthur Speech today. Those of you who have done so, please get it to me asap. Your reading log is due on Friday May 22. School ends on May 29th. WE only have a couple of things remaining. Due on Wednesday May 27 is a Letter to the SCOPE Editors. Each year I compile a book of letters to submit to Kristin Lewis giving her our feedback for the year. In a well constucted letter which will not have an MLA heading on the DATE and Greeting, you will addressed in three paragraphs the following: Paragraph 1- acknowledge the work done by Scholasti SCOPE to bring quality work to us in the literary magazine. Be specific on how it benefitted you. Paragraph 2- here is where I want you to share your favorite articles and why. Be specific with details on what you learned, why you liked it or it was a favorite. EXAMPLE: Jennifer Dignan's poems and how you learned to use the format or were successful.  Paragraph 3 is where you may give suggestions or ideas of things they can do in the future issues of SCOPE. They take your ideas very seriously. Then a jazzy closing, Your Python Pal, A Squires Star, etc. Type your name. I will print and compile to send for us. mail  Please edit carefully and submit is correct letter format as we done this all year. Not new work. 

You need to complete the reading of the narrative nonfiction work: The Bear Attacks that changed America. You will submit the answers to the two questions in the Writing contest using text evidence. You must be detailed, as this is not an essay and I am looking to see that you cite evidence to support your answer. This is TLQ format as it is explanatory. This is due on Tuesday May 26. 

Several of you have not gone on the www.poeticpower.com to Proof and Publish your poems and the deadline it tomorrow. Please take care of this today! Thanks! 

21 May 2020: Happy last day of website posting. PLEASE disregard the work heartassigned for next week. I will not require it. I wanted to do the end of year input to SCOPE as has been our end of year activity for years now. Providing input for a magazine we use as part of our curriculum is valid!. Thanks for submitting work on time as required. Those who owe me work must have it in by May 29. An incomplete means summer work. I see that many of you have not gone on to the website for Poetic power to Proof and publish your poems. Today is the deadline. Have a good summer. Thanks for being good online learners during this stressful time of the COVID pandemic. This has been an experience we won't forget. Hope to see all of you in the fall when you are big 7th graders! I miss you and I love you. You are always in my heart! heartsmiley

Reading logs are due tomorrow and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Remember why we celebrate this day and those who lost their lives in service to our country. Thanks for the sweet cards and messages and end of year gifts. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. I hope you picked up your materials at school and returned the library books that were overdue. 

Congrats on completing the year!