Get ready to turn stylish dressing into an art in cold days! This season, the socks trend seems to be the focus of styles.



seems that the colored socks and athletic socks with different patterns that we have been accustomed to seeing for a few seasons will continue to dominate the new season. Colorful socks

combine differently by both men and women, making the steps vivid.

In addition to colorful socks that create an energetic and dynamic style, they

provide a striking style appearance in motto or printed socks.



Striped models are preferred by those who have a simpler style and also want to make a difference with their socks combinations. Both striped models

Its monochrome designs and its minimalist look with colorful lines are very popular.






Colorful socks brought the streets together with vibrant

steps along with sneakers and sneakers in the new era . Although

combining classic shoes with colorful socks as well as sneakers seems risky,

we can say that it creates a very cool image when it is successfully concluded . Although colorful socks combinations are mostly

created by men, women also keep up with the fashion with a masculine clothing.




Another model that we are used to seeing in socks combinations is the socks with motto. You can carry the

messages that suit you in your

steps with socks models that you can use with your sneakers and boots .




Another alternative to Motto socks are printed socks. It provides

an extraordinary look when combined with low ankle shoes such as skateboard shoes and converses




colorful, printed or motto socks are too assertive for you

, striped socks with a more minimalist design are just for you! Striped socks are easy to combine and

provide a stylish and sporty look. Models combined with some pastel tones

will add vitality to your combinations .


Water Proof Socks.


Waterproof socks are not only a sensible choice but an incredibly practical and comfortable one. Durable and great quality, they will provide a high level of protection even through the most strenuous of activities.


Our range of socks is more than just waterproof; they are element repellent. This means they will do so much more than protect you from the wet weather. They are able to provide protection from cold, hot, dry and wet conditions, as well as a number of terrains such as mud. This is great if you are at risk of being exposed to any number of weather conditions.


Successfully providing this kind of element repellent clothing for you, here at Thewudhusocks we want to help to minimize the effect of unpleasant weather on both your performance and enjoyment!