Classroom Newsletter


August 19, 2011

Dear Parents,

            We had a great first full week of second grade! We are getting into a routine during the day and I am seeing a lot of hard workers. However, we are having problems with talking, not following directions and not completing assignments.  In 2nd grade, I am preparing students to become responsible and do things on their own.  I expect students to complete and turn in all assigned task including homework, listen to directions, and know when talk and when to listen.  Please give your student small jobs to complete at home in order to prepare them for the responsibilities that lie ahead. 

            This week we began bringing home our reading textbook and homework folders. Parents please check your child’s folder every night and review assignments that may be in there.  I DO NOT empty the homework folder or collect homework individually.  Students are expected to check their folder and turn in any papers or homework into the appropriate places.  Homework needs to be turned in on the appropriate dates, such as spelling homework for Thursday night, needs to be turn in on Friday.  Please check the assignment sheets for the homework due dates and any other special events.  In accordance with the Woodlawn grading policy, no late work will be accepted and in order to receive some credit for completing the homework or class work assignment the student will complete it at recess or other free time during the day.  If for any reason your student has to be absent, they are allowed one day for each day they miss to complete and turn in the make-up work, for example if absent 3 days, they have 3 days to complete the make up work along with any other assignments due during that time.  Please sign and date notes that you send in. I am receiving several notes but do not know if it is for that day or in the past. 

The student’s smile/missing work report needs to be signed and returned every Monday is in the Friday Folder, which is the large laminated envelope that has all their graded papers in it.  Included in the Friday Folder will be a Reading Folder, please look over and return; sign any D/F reading tests.

            Our classroom gets quite cold during the summer months, you may want to send a light jacket or sweater with your child to wear. Parental support is key in the success of our class! Please read nightly and practice addition and subtraction math facts.  Thank you for all that you do!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

                                                                        Have a great weekend,

Ms. Howe

* Looking Ahead to Next Week’s Standards *

Reading- Character/Setting/Plot


Math- Probability


Language Arts- Subjects & verbs


Writing- 6 + 1 Trait “Ideas”


Spelling- consonant blend

ask, brave, breeze, nest, state, stop, clip, strap, hand, stream, mask, twin

Science – Weather


* Reminders *

August 22-26 GO KIDS SPECIAL Schedule:

Monday: Art      Tuesday: PE      Wednesday: Library

Thursday: PE            Friday: Music