Educational Technology 2

Educational Technology 2 is a subject needs to be enrolled in English Major Students as part of the prospectuse. It's prerequisite subject is Educational Technology 1. EdTech 2 deals with the integration of Educational Technologies in teaching-learning process unlike EdTech 1 that only introduces the function of Educational Technology in teaching-learning process.


Our schedule of the EdTech 2 subject this 1st Semester A.Y. 2017-2018 is Teusday and Thurday every week 10:30 - 12:00 pm. The room is at Ed 109 Old Admin Building with the instructor Ms. Grace Andoyo.



Our Teacher

Ms. Grace Andoyo

Mr. Johhn Rey Codilla at the left, Ms. Grace Andoyo at the right. Picture source is from Fb, in
Ms. Andoyo'svery account. P.S. sorry ma'am for taking some of your photos without permission.

Ms. Andoyo is a very competent teacher as what I observed whenever I attend our EdTech 2 class. She is strict, but not overly strict to the extent the she won't smile or laugh in funny moments. We often see her smiling in her serious tone. Like us, ma'am is very young looking and happy-go-lucky in life.

The way ma'am Andoyo teach is very flexible. Yes, I like it that way sometimes, but sometimes too I want to hear her voice discussing us the topic herself. Her quiz is way too hard that I almost sweat in blood. I got zero in our 50 points oral quiz because the question was out of my league, but of course, that's my fault for not studying hard enough. I look forward for more exciting events in our EdTech class. Come to think of it, our demo is almost at hand. Aaaggghhh... Now I regret what I just said. I hope ma'am won't spoil my demonstration. Ma'am, please go easy on me. Me and my classmates are already on nose of it. We all have the same feeling. Nervous. What if ma'am won't like my demo? What if she will stop me on the middle of it? What if I mental block? What if ma'am ask me a very trivial question? What if.... and so on. I believe ma'am andoyo is a very fair teacher. She won't let us pass the subject if she herself can prove we are not qualified to pass. I hope ma'am will not find it in me. I will work my best ma'am!

Ma'am, twice you caught me playing games in my cellphone in just one day in the middle of my classmate's report. In case you forgot ma'am (the better), remember phil? the one who sits at the rear most of the time? Well I'm sure you already have an idea or two. I would like to apologize for my wrong conduct ma'am and it won't happen again. If only we were collegues ma'am maybe I would have went for you. No, I doubt that would happen. You would immedietely reject me half way of it. Joke. Looking forward to seeing you more in my remaining days in college ma'am. Hope for your best acquitance. That's all.



The Class

Third Year Bachelor of Science and Education Major in English (III - BSEDE)

Source taken from Fb. Special thanks to Kent Albert Espino for sending the pic. The pick was taken back in the time of Mr. Salumag during the
conduction of our Job interview with the participation of some of Mr. Salumag's collegue. I never thought they are so young back then. 

Our class is a promising batch of English Major Students. We have what it takes to make diferrence in the future. I can see it in the potentials of my classmates. In our class, we are of varying species. There are those celebrity wannabes, K pop maniac, Gamers, the studious, the idiots, the loners, and all. You name it. We have many good times and memories with each other that I can hardly remember. Can I still call that a memory? I had good times with this friends of mine even in this EdTech 2 subject of ours. I can never forget their whims back in EdTech 1 and so I am grateful this time, it is ma'am Andoyo who is our instructor for the subject. Guys, let's graduate altogether. Let no one be left behind! Hoooorrraaahhh!


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