Severe Weather Project Requirements

  •  Severe Weather Research Project

We’ve all experienced hot and cold, rain and sun, but sometimes the weather can get pretty wild.  You will research one of the following severe weather events: tornado, hurricane, blizzard, thunderstorm/lightning.

Project requirements:

1. Written Report

2. Poster

3. Presentation 

You MUST include the following information about your severe weather event in your project: 

  1. General information
  • Describe this severe weather.  What happens during your severe weather event?  b)     Where is this severe weather the most common? 
  • Include a map that highlights the parts of the world where this happens.     

 2.   Damage    

  • What types of damage could result from the severe weather event?                   
  • Describe two actual examples of your severe weather event.  For example, what is a historical record about this type of weather?  Where did it happen?  How many people were affected?                

 3.  Formation               

  • Under what conditions does the severe weather event form?               
  • Provide illustrations that explain how this severe weather happens.    

 4.  Safety               

  • How do meteorologists (weather scientists) predict its formation?               
  • What safety steps would you take if this severe weather was predicted for your area?    

Your grade will be based on:

Research report – 25%

Poster - 25%

Presentation - 25%

Effort – 25%