Korirectifier Offer Cost Effective and Quality Rectifiers

Summary: The following press release provides brief information about a leading company which offer wide range of industrial rectifier.

KORI is manufacturing and supplying high-end rectifiers since 1998 in all parts of the world. We are the most vital and most professional rectifier manufacturer in China who has become the leaders in the domestic market and overseas. Our technical and production team manufactures various products, including constant current control rectifier, high-frequency switching, polarisation, extraordinary high voltage power, Electrowinning rectifier, reactive power compensation rectifier, and much more.

Our workshop is equipped with automated machinery managed and maintained by a team of professionals. Our factory covers 25,000 square meters of area and holds reputed certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, and much more. Kori is well-known for its technology and product quality, and we produce one of the best Three phase rectifier in the industry. In addition, we are a well-defined one-stop service provider with exceptional pre-sale technical support, training, and site service facility. People can purchase the different kinds of rectifiers to fulfil the client’s needs.

We have a great demand in many industries like paper mills, smelters, Chlor-alkali, traffic, and scientific research industries in China and overseas. The Industrial rectifier at our factory is specially designed and manufactured to make it effective and efficient. Our work has got much recognition, including 112 invention patents, National Key new products, National Torch Scheme, and 39 software copyrights. We have grown ourselves to the extent that we can handle any market order and deliver it on the scheduled time to the clients.

We aim to spread our products worldwide, and so far, we are exporting them to Canada, Qatar, Australia, India, Indonesia, Russia, Italy, Germany, and many more countries. Our primary focus and mission are the technical and scientific enterprise that provides a durable, reliable, and cost-effective industrial solution to the customers. Connect with our highly committed team to know about the product details and pricing and get your order done.

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