Spider monkey

Spider monkey

Spider Monkeys Optimize Jungle Acoustics - Scientific American

What do spider monkeys look like?

Spider monkeys are quite big. They have long legs and a long strong tail. They can have brown, black, golden or red fur, and they have white fury cheeks.

What do spider monkeys eat?

Spider monkeys get most of their food from tree tops. They eat, fruit, nuts, leaves, bird eggs and spiders.

Where do spider monkeys live?

Spider monkeys live in tropical rainforests high up in the canopy layer. They use their long legs and strong tail to hang upside down on the branches and swing easily through trees.

Fun facts

Spider monkeys don't have thumbs! This helps them grip to trees better.

Spider monkeys create rich nesting sites where they poo! Because their poo contains lots of seeds and nutrients, it helps more trees grow in the rainforest!