Supporting foodbanks

We could donate the food grown in a community garden to local foodbanks.

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Data tells us that in our community the unemployment rate and household income is below national average, and lots of people are living in poverty. Many people are unable to afford the basic food they need, and they rely on foodbanks to provide food for them. However, foodbanks rely on people to donate food. Without donations, foodbanks would not be able to provide food for people in need.

We recently visited a foodbank, and we were told that donations of fresh food are always needed. They can use it to cook healthy meals for people accessing foodbanks. A community garden would mean that we could grow and donate healthy, nutritious food to foodbanks. We would be able to choose what different fruit and vegetables to grow, and we could grow them all year round. Fresh food is important because it provides us with the nutrients we need to stay healthy. 

It would also be cheaper for us because we wouldn't need to buy food to donate.