Underwater World Camp

On the 16th and 17th September our class will be heading off to camp at Underwater World.  We will be participating in many activities trhoughout our visit. Below is an example of some of the activities that we will participate in during our camp: 



Adventure Camp

Combining entertainment and education, the Adventure Camp is the ultimate all day, all night aquarium experience.
Exclusive to UnderWater World, this camp provides students with the Sea Star treatment,
including a guided Behind the Scenes tour.
The day visit provides students with the opportunity to make real life connections between what they are learning in the classroom and what they are seeing and experiencing up close and personal at UnderWater World.

This program includes -
  - a sleepover at UnderWater World
  - an exclusive seal show
  - an interactive touch pool experience
  - an exclusive Behind the Scenes tour 
  - a night tour of the aquarium
  - a morning beach walk 
  - a day program of your choice
 - all meals