I have sent home on the 24th August, 2009 a homework grid, which will be completed over the next eight weeks of school.  Students will be required to complete one task per week and will need to bring it to class on Friday.  This gives the students a week to comlpete each task.  These tasks relate to topics we are covering in class over the next few weeks.  I ask that you please sign and date the box when a task is completed. 


Year 4/5 Homework Grid

  • Choose one activity each week from the grid below to complete for homework

  • Ask a parent/guardian to sign in the box when completed

  • Presentation of your work is very important.  Make sure you put thought into your setting out.  Remember to use margins, dates, labels, headings, etc.

  • Time will be given on Monday morning for any presentations

  • Your work will be assessed each week according to the following criteria. 

    • Preparation (5 marks)

    • Effort (5 marks)

    • Content (5 marks)

    • Presentation (5 marks)

Design a new electrical product for your home.

Make sure you provide:

-         Product name

-         Description of what it does

-         Where you can purchase the item

-         How much it costs.

-         A picture

Parent Signature:

ART – Redesign the front cover of a book you have read.  Please show the original book as well.




Parent Signature:


Design and create a boardgame based around the theme ‘Energy’. 

Parent Signature:


Create a small poster about what you wish to do when you finish school.  You will also present your poster to the class.

  Parent Signature:


Create a wordsearch using your spelling words for this week.  Make sure you check your spelling.


Parent Signature:


Famous Australian – Research a famous Australian.  Prepare a short 1minute presentation about their life.


Parent Signature:


Write a half page story describing what it would have been like living in Australia 100 years ago.


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Write a half page story on your feelings about camp to Underwater World.



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Along with the grid, spelling (Please see 'Spelling Strategies' sheet sent home) and reading (recorded in their 'Reading Tracker') will continue to be set until the end of term.  10 minutes each school night is an examples of how this could be undertaken.  Spelling is tested and Reading Trackers will be checked on Fridays.

 If there are any issues with not completing homework, please send a note with their homework.  The classroom will be open from 8:30am onwards eevry morning for homework to be finished off.  Also, the library is open on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes for those students who wish to do their homework at school or if they need to use a computer and do not have access to one at home.  

 If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact either Mrs Jones or Miss K.