Welcome to 8th Grade English!

Congratulations--You have made it to the final stage of your middle school career!  This year, you can expect to learn an extensive amount about public speaking and critique, business and formal writing, email and internet etiquette, and ways to draft, publish, and design your own webpages, digital portfolios, and more!

English is a class where exploration takes place at the highest degree because so much of what we do and learn is subjective. You are allowed to voice your own personal opinion, outlook, and perspective about life and relationships. I encourage you to dig deep this year--become more than you've ever imagined and 'think on your feet' so that you can thrive in a 21st century world. Global competition is fierce; however, I am here to ensure that you all are up to the challenge and will be well prepared to function in high school and beyond! 

This website will serve as your class site for all of your assignments you'll receive this year! Feel free to contact me using any of the contact methods on this page. I am here to help!