Calhoun County Teachers/Staff


Calhoun County Schools believe in success for ALL learners. CCS provide all new teachers (first year and new to system) with mentors to help with the first year of employment. Each content are also has professional learning teams (PLT's) that meet almost once a month to discuss curriculum, strategies, and to build relationships among teachers at all schools. 


Jacksonville State University partners with schools to allow students to get a variety of practicum and student teaching experience in all Calhoun County Schools. Many students are recruited right out of college due to the experience they gained in our schools. 


All interviews are completed using a team approach. A team is comprised of a principal, assistant principal, and various teachers in the building. The interview committee can have as few as four people, but may have as many as 6 or 7. 


Calhoun County has completed a re-writing policy for Teacher Evaluation. The Teacher Effectiveness Committee was comprised of about 45 teachers and administrators throughout the county. The teachers consisted of K-12 teachers of all content areas including career technical areas. The new evaluation system will evaluate teachers on their teaching, professionalism, and extracurricular responsibilities. This is hoped to be a better view of teachers effectiveness in our county.