Professional Development

Calhoun County Schools offers many professional development opportunities for teachers. Currently, Calhoun County Schools has many schools that are participating in the following programs: 

Safe and Civil Schools- Help schools develop better behavior management strategies in their school, learn effective classroom management procedures, implement school-wide Positive Behavior Support and Response-to-Intervention for Behavior, and design and implement a better school improvement plan.

AMSTI- Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative- Teachers receive training in their content area and receive kits and materials to enhance Math and Science lessons with technology and hands-on activities.

OGAP- The Ongoing Assessment Project helps Math teachers break down common core standards and common misconception and problems students usually have. The project also helps teachers identify where students are in their learning process and offers resources to get them where they need to be. 

CHAMPS- Class-wide Positive Behavior Support has been implemented in every classroom in Calhoun County. 

Teachers are offered professional development throughout the school year and the summer on content specific training. Math, Science, History, and English/Language teachers attend PLT's as many as 6 times a year. The PLT's allow teachers to collaborate with others in their content area and learn strategies to bring back to their students.