Microsoft Word

September 7, 2018


Learning Target: I can edit text and properly format text in MS Word 2016.


PAWS: Act Responsibly - I am vested in our class discussions because it helps create an environment where I can be safe and successful.


Activator: 5 minutes typing practice on




I do: I will introduce the website


I will review how to properly save files to your documents and to the homework folders.


We do: We will view the video and read the text for the first link. Then we will open the challenge document and edit it by the given directions.




  1. Download and open the Word 2013 practice document.
  2. Select some text to delete. In the example, delete the last sentence of the second paragraph.
  3. Copy and paste some text. In the example, copy the last name Charlesbois from the email address at the top of the page and paste it after Maurice in the third paragraph.
  4. Cut and paste some text. In the example, cut the first sentence of the second paragraph and paste it after the first sentence in the first paragraph.
  5. Select a phrase to drag and drop to a new location in the document. In the example, drag the phrase from 6:30-9:00 pm and drop it after The event will take place.
  6. Find and replace a word in the document. If you're using the example, find and replace Mrs with Ms.


You do: You will save your first document and then watch the video, read the text, and open/edit the challenge document for the second link.




  1. Download and open the practice document.
  2. Change the font style of some text.
  3. Change the font size of some text. In the example, try changing the font size of the title.
  4. Change the font color of some text. In the example, change the color of the park's name.
  5. Highlight some text.
  6. Try bolding, italicizing, or underlining some text.
  7. Change the case of some text. In the example, change the case of the title.
  8. Center align some text.
  9. Insert a symbol in the text. In the example, insert the registered trademark symbol ® after Sullie's Subs.


We check: You will tell me how to italicize text as your ticket out the door.