The Age of Exploration Webquest

The Age of Exploration Webquest                         

Name: ___________________________                                                                                                            Period: _______        Date: __________


Link 1 For questions 1-12  Click on the following link:   Age of Exploration


Age of Exploration Intro

  1. What is another term for the “Age of Exploration”? _________________________________
  2. List 2 reasons why these individuals started exploring.  _____________________________ _______________________

Reasons for Exploration & Key Voyages

  1. How did the explorers get the funding to make these journeys? _____________________________________
  2. Which Empire took control of Constantinople in 1453? _____________________________ Why  was this a problem for European merchants? ___________________________________________________
  3. What were two trade routes that were very important for the Europeans to get to the Far East?
    __________________________________                _______________________________
  4. The first jouneys in the Age of Discovery were conducted under the leadership of __________________________________
  5. What was the main goal for Portuguese voyages? ____________________________________________________
  6. Which treaty divided the world in half? ___________________________________________
  7. Many important voyages happened during this time, including one by _______________________ who circumnavigated the globe, the search for a trade route to Asia through the _____________________________ and  Captain ____________ voyages that allowed him to travel as far as ______________________.

Contributions to Geography

  1. Name three ways that these voyages made a significant impact on geography.

____________________________          _____________________________      _________________________

  1. Methods of ___________________ and ________________________ improved as a result of these travels.
  2. By moving away from the shoreline to explore, Prince Henry created one of the first ___________________ maps.

Link 2 Use for questions 13-26:  Mr. Nussbaum: Age of Explorers 


  1. What was the Silk Road? ___________________________________
  2. Why did Columbus sail for Spain(he was from Portugal!)? __________________________________
  3. _____________________ discovered Florida while looking for the mythical _______________________________
  4. The 1st permanent settlement in the New World was at __________________________
  5. __________________ crushed the ______________ empire  in _______________ and claimed it for Spain.
  6. Francisco _______________ did the same to the _______________ empire in ____________________.

CONNECT THE COUNTRY TO THE EXPLORER – write the letter of the country that each explorer is from in the blank.

  1. Spain                     B. Portugal          C. France              D. England

Balboa ______            Cartier _______                  Verrazano _______            Drake _______Coronado ______


  1. By the mid-1700’s, new __________________ disputes between England and ______________ resulted in England gaining control over much of _____________________ after the ________________________________.  English colonies flourished until the 1770’s when the colonists declared their independence, leading to the ____________________ War.

FOR THE NEXT SECTION:  Go to the left of the screen under “More on Explorers” and click on “Legendary Places/Myths”.  Scroll down for each section to answer the following questions:

Silk Road

  1. Name three (3) products Marco Polo wrote about after his travels to China.







Converting Natives

  1. One of the goals of most explorers to the New World was to spread the ___________________ faith
  2. Why did some of the native people convert? ___________________________________________________

Northwest Passage

  1. Where did the explorers think the Northwest passage WAS? _____________________________________________________

Life on the Ship

  1. Name 2 reasons why ship life was hard. ____________________________________            _______________________________
  2. What is scurvy? ________________________________________
  3. What sleep disease did many sailors suffer from? ___________________________ Why? _____________________________


  1. The End of the Age of Exploration?

“The Age of Exploration is inherent in the human existence. It did not end with vast sea exploits. Adventurers explored by land and air, and now venture into space. Once most of the earth was charted and documented, human beings sought to break time records of air travel around the world. Now that air travel is rapid and routine, mankind has ventured out to the infinity of space.”


Space exploration now holds the same wonder and fables that once fascinated the Europeans of the fifteenth century. Modern generations marvel at mankind's first steps on the moon. Perhaps future generations will marvel at mankind's first steps on Mars, or the first meeting with an alien civilization. What modern truths will turn into the myths of the future?


  1. What do you think is the most important discovery or acheivement of the Age of Exploration?


  1. Do you think the Age of Exploration is over?