Why I teach


A former classroom teacher and now a prospective teacher educator.

But as for the reasons why I teach, it's a little complicated.

Maybe a comparison of Before and Now can help you understand why I chose the profession of teaching.

Let's begin! wink

Before (when I was in China): 

     Kangding-- My hometown

             The capital city of Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (甘孜州;དཀར་མཛེས་ཁུལ།).  

                 Situated in a wild mountainous region on Tibetan Plateau, the highest plateau in the world.

     The reasons I became a teacher: 

             a. Teaching is regarded as a "golden bowl" in China, which means:

                          ---- well-paid;

                          ---- no risk of being unemployed;

                          ---- two long vacations with salaries paid; 

             b.  Teaching is regarded as a perfect profession for a woman in China, because

                          ---- a teacher has a stable schedule, so it's convenient for a female teacher to take care of

                                her family.

                          ---- since a teacher is qualified to teach so many children in his/her class, a female teacher

                                should also have the knowledge to educate her child. 

              c.  For the consideration of my family.

                         ----- My hometown is isolated from the outside world ("the civilized world" which we could only

                                 visit every five or six years). 

                         ----- My hometown lacks all kinds of resources: medicine, educational resources... 

                         ----- The climate was too harsh for my parents who had been living there for forty years. 


          In short, I became a teacher not out of my own choice. Instead, my parents and my teachers weighed all the options and decided for me. crying


Now (a prospective teacher educator):

       The reasons that I will choose to be a teacher educator in the future: 

             a.  After years of experience with the banking model of education in China, I have developed a personal

                  understanding of why Freire criticized this educational model as dehumanizing. I want more

                 teachers to know about it and to change it for our future students. 

             b. After years of experience with standardized curriculum, standardized pedagogy, and standardized

                 tests that I have experienced both in my hometown and in "the outside civilized world", I have had a

                 personal understanding of how children with different cultural and linguistic 

                heritages are silenced, I want more people to know that each culture has its uniqueness and print-

                based knowledge is not the only knowledge that has value. 

                          c. There are still many teachers who have a misconception about literacy pedagogy. They think

                  literacy pedagogy means teaching and learning to read and write the formalized, monolingual,

                  monocultural, and standardized forms of language. I want more teachers to know about

                  multiliteracies pedagogy and know that there are also other ways to make meaning, such as the

                 visual, spatial, behavioral, and gestural presentations of meaning. Literacy pedagogy should satisfy

                 the affective as well as sociocultural needs of all students. Education is to empower all students of

                 different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. enlightened