About Me

Hello! My name is Zack Newman, and I am an Educational Specialist. I currently reside in Bakersfield, California. I have been teaching in the virtual setting for the past 3 years, and before that I was teaching in a special day class for 6 years. I had a wide range of grades in my SDC, from 3rd all the way up to 8th grade. In the virtual setting, I started out as a K-12 case manager, then specifically 9th grade, with an academic support focus on English. 


Why Do I Teach?


For me, this answer has come more into focus in recent years. I very much want to be a person who reaches out to disenfranchised families and students who feel they have slipped through the cracks, or been let down in the past, or perhaps feel forgotten or hopeless. I can personally relate to many of today's students who feel overwhelmed, lost, or folding under the immense societal and academic pressure to perform, or to fit a certain mold. It's so important to me that they know they are fantastic exactly the way they are!