This website is an INCREDIBLE resource for anyone who is new to working with students who have a diagnosis of emotional disturbance. There are hundreds of blog articles all separated by category, basic "how-to's" for working with ED students, information on workshops to attend where you can hear speakers and collaborate with other teachers in the same field, as well as behavior management strategies provided by workshop instructors. Truly an invaluable resource.


This is another fantastic, all emcompassing resource for anyone looking for information regarding students with emotional disturbances, VIDEOS on classroom structure, behavior management, as well as national organizations who support students and families who deal with this disability. This is another resource geared toward teachers who want to learn all they can about what this disability looks like, as well as the most effective ways of maximizing the possiblities for classroom success and cohesion. This particular site was great for me when I was initially introduced to a mostly ED caseload. I knew I had to jump in head first and learn everything I could so there was little time wasted.


This last website is a great tool for teachers and college students who are looking to get into teaching alike. There are case studies, advice for parents on steps to take to help their child with an emotional disturbance, as well as steps for teachers and administrators on how to best tailor their classrooms to best set up these unique students for success. One of the best tools we can have as teachers, is information on how parents can support their children at home. Parents look to us for advice and guidance, because we are the professionals in our chosen field, and we should be as equipped with knowledge and strategies as we possibly can be!