Classroom Jobs

Here you can view a description of each job, and see who has which job each week. Student's names' are in all CAPITALS. *Note: Some students may have the same job as someone else. Everyone will get to have the same job as someone else. **Please! If you don't see your child's name on this list, PLEASE let me know ASAP.

Teacher Assistant: Helps Miss. Ashley with classroom duties when jobs holder(s) are absent. PANDA and BLAZE
Attendance Manager: Brings attendance/lunch countdown to office every morning. BLACKY
Bulletin Board Manager: Puts weather on bulletin board every morning. Places date on calendar every morning. CHENNELLE
Arts & Crafts Manager: Puts out and away art supplies. SNOWY and MISS SPARKLES
Pencil Manager: Hands out and sharpens pencils at the start of class. SPOOKUMS
Chair Manager: Sets up chairs at start of every class. MISTY
Librarian: In charge of bookshelf; keeping it neat and tidy. In charge of handing out books to fellow students. SPOTS
Plants/Pets Manager: Takes care of classroom pets/plants. SNOWFLAKE
Line Leader: Leads the line when going from place to place. JACOB
Homework Manager: Passes out and collects homework. ADALINE
Computer Manager: "Selects" programs to use on computer lab days. Is 1st to log on to program. BANDIT 
Door Manager: Closes classroom door when leaving classroom, holds door(s) for fellow students. CLOUDS
Board Manager: Cleans all boards at end of day and after lessons. ROCKET
Paper Manager: Passes out papers (Classwork, forms, notes, etc.) to fellow students. CHILLY
Messenger: Brings forms, notes, etc. down to the office. MEL
Classroom Manager: Keeps classroom neat and tidy. MARSHMALLOW