10 Ways To Save Money On Your Move


10 Ways To Save Money On Your Move

There is nothing more exciting than the day you move from your old house to a new one, although there may be some sad aspects when you move from your home, there are new memories and opportunities waiting in your new property and neighborhood. Leaving behind memories may be one of the hardest things you can do, but sometimes moving from your old home maybe for the better. You will have to carry around the stress of making sure everything gets packed, setting up your new home, and making sure that your old home is sold to responsible people. You already have to carry so much around with you, the least we can do is give you a few tips on how you can save money during your move. 



  1. Make sure to take valuables with you, whether it is pieces of jewelry or even important photographs. 


  1. Make sure to leave behind things you haven’t used in a long time, this may be helpful to new homeowners and it will save you from having to pack away more stuff. 


  1. Make sure to purge your home items effectively, this means having garage sales or even selling stuff you don’t need on eBay. 


  1. Most moving companies won't ensure boxes you pack yourself meaning you should check any policies with your insurance companies.


  1. If you plan on moving to more local areas, then you may want to consider moving mid-month or at the end of the month, this is when businesses are slower and you will have the chance to book better moving companies.


  1. Making sure you are organized with your money is one of the most important things you can do to be prepared for when you move, make sure to budget expenses for movers, boxes to store items in, and even new appliances for your home. 


  1. Make sure to disassemble stuff yourself, this way you are saving tons of money from having movers to do it for you. 


  1. Always make sure your phone is on this means constantly checking text messages for checking for any calls you might have missed. 


  1. Make sure to separate personal traveling items, clothes, and other stuff you may wera all travel with you in one car.


  1. The last thing to do is say goodbye to your home and make sure that all the lights are off, you don’t want to be paying for extra high electricity bills. 


Moving from your home may be one of the hardest things you do, and it can especially be hard to say goodbye to a place where you gathered so many memories with friends or family. Moving houses should be easy and simple and should require no problems. If you are looking for moving companies, commercial movers, office movers, or moving supplies in Edmonton, make sure to contact AAA Rightway Moving.