Ms. Adams' Classroom Website

Welcome to our 6th grade math class website for classroom news and events!

Please check our class page daily for homework assignments and dates for quizzes, tests, and other class events.  If I previously had your email address, you should have already received an invitation to a shared file in my Dropbox.  I will post worksheets and other class documents in this folder for your convenience.  Please let me know if you have any problems using it.  

Extra Help will be Tuesdays from 3-4 for math.  Parents, please make sure your child will be picked up no later than 4 PM.  A $25 may be charged to a family's account for students picked up late.

I will be implementing the new Common Core Standards for Math this year using our existing curriculum.  You will notice that we will move around through the text and not work from chapter 1 through chapter 12 consecutively.  I have been researching these standards since NYS began to promote them and am looking forward to using them in our math curriculum.  The main characteristic of these standards is to spend more time on fewer concepts instead of introducing many concepts with less proficiency and mastery.  If you wish to know more about these standards, you may visit, and let me know if you have any questions.  

HOMEWORK (all homework is due the following school day unless otherwise noted)

Monday, 9/9: Worksheet

Tuesday, 9/10: Homework Corrections (students took notes on Monday for how to make proper homework corrections)

Wednesday, 9/11: Worksheet

Thursday, 9/12: WB 4-1 #7-29 odds; WB 4-2 #7-23 odds

Friday, 9/13: Worksheet


Tuesday, 9/17: Unit 1 Quiz on Positive/Negative Integers and Finding GCF and LCM

Tuesday, 9/24: Unit 1 Quiz

Friday, 9/27: Unit 1 Test