Syllabus, Expectations, Checklist, etc

RHS Survival Guide

This will be graded on:

•Spelling – 5 points
•Grammar – 5 points
•Completion – 5 points  – due 5/4
•Overall  – 5 points – neatness, typed (if applicable), relevant, creative, etc



Check list

You should have in class (daily)

  • Book (fiction or biography)
  • English homework
  • History homework and/or homework from any other class that has a significant amount of reading and writing
  • Any assignments due that day

Literacy Support Syllabus

Classroom Expectations and Policies


  • Respect (Miss Adler, fellow students, yourself and materials) – this includes but is not limited to appropriate comments, attentive listening, relevant comments, speaking and listening at appropriate times, using your time wisely, following directions
  • Participate in class by engaging in discussions (at appropriate times), completing work in a timely manner, asking questions, asking for help if needed

Participation – Every day you have the ability to earn 10 participation points know as daily points. That equals 50 points in a regular week. Below is what you need to do to earn full points.

                During Lessons you need to:

  • Listen attentively and respectful
  • Engage in discussion
  • Ask questions if you have them
  • Do in-class assignments as they are given

                During work time you need to:

  • Participate in any lesson review or reflection
  • Bring something literacy related to work on (if you have no literacy type homework [as approved by Miss Adler] you may work on other homework)
  • Complete or make progress on an assignment

Assignments – Assignments are due on the given due date. There is no extended time in this class. Because this is a support class, the extra time you need is built into the curriculum.

Late Work – Any assignment, homework, project, etc. turned in late will automatically lose 10% of the possible points per day that it is late.

Homework – When homework is given it is expected to be finished and returned the next day unless otherwise stated.

Work time – In this class you will have time to do homework, catch up on missed assignments, prepare for tests, etc. It is up to you to manage your time wisely. This is a literacy class so the work done in here should be literacy related. Miss Adler will check and correct your work. She is also available for questions, advice and other help.

D200 – This room is a resource for all the students in this class. When you have work time you may choose to go to this room. However, I am in contact with the teachers in that room so work must be done in order for you to continue going to D200 during my class time.

Tests in D200/Work in alternate location – For those with extended time and/or alternate location on tests teachers will ask that you complete tests in D200. I am usually flexible on allowing you to do that as long as you check in with me. However, if I have a lesson planned for you I will request that you stay in my class for the lesson and find another time to complete the test in D200. The same goes for working in another classroom. You must check in with me to see if it is alright for you to go to a different location and you must accept that at time the answer may be no.

Attendance – Daily attendance is necessary for satisfactory learning. Unexcused absences will be dealt with through administrators.

Leaving Class - if you leave the classroom without permission or are gone for more than the allowed time you will be considered absent, even if you attended the first part of class or return in the last few minutes. This type of attendance problem will be dealt with in this manner.

  1. Warning from teacher
  2. Loss of “out of class” privilege for the two days following infraction
  3. Administrative Referral

Tardy – Tardy means you arrive in the classroom after the bell rings without a note from another teacher, office, etc. You must be physically in the classroom to be considered on time, even if you are in the hallway just outside the door you will still be considered tardy if you are not in the classroom at the time of the bell.

Cell Phones – No cell phones allowed in class. They must be in your backpack or on the teacher’s desk.

iPods/MP3 players – may be used during work time but NOT during lessons

Failure to comply – Any student you fails to comply with these expectations and/or policies will follow this disciplinary sequence (unless otherwise stated).

  1. Warning from teacher
  2. Warning from teacher and removal of distractions/privileges as seen fit by teacher – this includes but is not limited to MP3 players, desired seating, computer use, etc
  3. Administrative Referral

Core Content

Reading – fluency (the speed and accuracy at which your read) and comprehension (your understanding of your reading)

Writing – the main focus will be on skills for proper essay writing however other forms will be addressed

Each lesson is designed to target individual student IEP goals. Most lessons will be in small group for students with similar goals. Depending on your goals you may participate in many of the small group lessons or just a few.

Work Time

When you are not participating in a small group lesson you may use the time to work on other assignments, projects, etc. Please see the work time expectations above.