Game Schedule 2011

Football Game Schedule


Our first pre-season game is not yet posted.
 Game 1: Sat.,
Game 2: Sat.,
Game 3: Sat.,
Game 4: Sat.,
Game 5: Sat.,
Game 6: Sat.,
Game 7: Sat.,
Game 8: Sat.,
*Championship Game- not yet posted

Cheerleaders should be at the games 30 minutes before the game starts. All cheerleaders should be in the proper cheerleading attire (uniform top, uniform skirt, blommers, white ankle socks, plain white shoes, hair in pony tail or braided pig tails, orange or white hair ribbon, and pom poms). NO EXCUSES!!!

*** Game Throws: If any cheerleaders would like to make game throws than it is more than appreciated! You can take the toilet paper roll after it has been used and stuff it with some candy, then roll it in tissue paper to cover it and tie both sides of the tissue with ribbon.