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6 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skills by Aamer Naeem

You’re the manager of your organization. Of late you’ve seen that the work is being finished at a consistent pace, yet you’re seeing an absence of eagerness and drive from your team. What would you do? Your first idea may be to have a conversation with your team. Profitability may be at a high, but is that worth it over the long haul if you lose your team’s dedication? The real conversation actually needs to be with yourself!

As a leader, you should search internally and center around your own capacities, strengths, and weaknesses. The capacity to self-talk, reflect, and adapt behavior is the first pillar of leadership and its development. Taking time to hone this capacity, turn the discussion internally, and create new skills. 

Resource: https://londondailypost.com/6-ways-to-develop-your-leadership-skills-by-aamer-naeem/