5th Grade Science

5th Grade ScienceTopics at a Glance

1st Nine- Weeks


  • Big Idea 1: The Practices of Science
  • Big Idea 2: The Characteristics of Scientific Investigations 
  • Big Idea 5: Earth in Space and Time
  • Big Idea 7: Earth Systems and Patterns

2nd Nine-Weeks

  • Big Idea 6: Earth Structures
  • Big Idea 8: Properties of Matter
  • Big Idea 10: Forms of Energy

3rd Nine Weeks

  • Big Idea 13: Forces and Changes in Motion
  • Big Idea 14: Organization & Dev. of Living Organisms
  • Big Idea 15: Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms
  • Big Idea 16: Hereditary and Reproduction 

4th Nine Weeks

  • Fair Game Benchmark Review
  • Crunch Time Review
  • Health Literacy: Concept


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Course Syllabus

  1. Science Labs. I am pleased to announce that 5th Grade will be doing hands on science lab experiments and also on Gizmos.
  2. Class Dojo. I share the ClassDojo with their homeroom teacher (Mr. Lopez - 501 and Ms.Dixson (502). Please visit your app store or Google play store and download the Class Dojo app as soon as possible. I urge parents to check in on it as often as possible and praise your child for earning points for behaving well and being on task. Students earn points for good behavior, being kind to others, lining up quietly, being on task, participating, and for teamwork. 


  1. Communication. It is essential for your child’s success that we communicate. Class Dojo has a messaging system that notifies me immediately when you send a message. If you need to call me, please contact the school or you can email me at aanders@excelsiorschools.com


  1. Grading System. Overall grades will be determined with the following weights:



Grade Weight(%)


Percentage Score

Letter Grade

Classwork & Homework



90% - 100%





80% - 89%





70% - 79%





60% - 69%





59% or below




Parent Portal. If you haven’t set up an account, you may do so at http://www.dadeschools.net/parents.asp. Click on “create an account.” You will need the following information:

  1. Your child's M-DCPS Student ID
  2. Parent 6-digit PIN number (To obtain a PIN you must visit the school office.)


Science FCAT (Spring 2019). Unlike third and fourth grade, fifth grade science has an end of course exam. The science FCAT is a rigorous test. Therefore, it is important that your child complete his/her science homework, lab assignments, and projects.