Distance Learning

Distance Learning: Each week I will post the digital lesson plans on my website and in Google Classroom on the Stream. I will also email you the weekly lesson plan. The 3rd-grade team and I have collaboratively created lesson plans using the Padlet platform. Each of us has taken on planning and creating lesson plans for each subject as a team. Mrs. Haas-Math, Mrs. Nordstrom- Language Arts, Mrs. Mattish-Spelling, Phonics, and Grammar, and I am planning Science, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional Skills (2nd Step Program.)  We will all be teaching lessons and assisting students with all of the subjects. We will also be holding several Zoom meetings/lessons each day. My aide, Mr. Clinton will also be providing small group Zoom meetings to provide extra support to those who need it. Students will have 2 binders in rotation, each week parents will need to turn in the completed binder and pick up the next weekly binder on Fridays. This binder will contain all of the lesson materials, papers, and information for the following week's lesson plans. 

Padlet Lesson Plan Links: 

8/19/20-8/21/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/wfolhuvj8fe80ta4

8/24/20-8/28/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/12jy7ckn11izowz6

8/30/20-9/4/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/f9oiylmw8tzzqggn

9/8/20-9/11/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/ewz0dl4i1gx3goiu

9/14/20-9/18/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/dpk3mrox7p8z6wcw

9/21/20-9/25/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/h3iwl1d7qegwmwle

9/28/20-10/2/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/ltkon0xmbiu4voe1  Reminder, No School for students on Friday, October 2. Parent-Teacher Conferences

10/5/20-10/9/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/zh47n3zoejtrzcru

10/12/20-10/16/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/5dp5btejrcemqn4y 

10/19/20-10/23/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/vad1pj5j1xogy6k5

10/26/20-10/30/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/r0xy8q6xigbixpeh

11/2/20-11/6/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/egk4k4sbdf2zgdg5

11/9/20-11/13/20 No School on 11/11/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/s8xukccgfakh8vra

11/16/20-11/20/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/nlu6d5dhtv2behrv

11/23/20 & 11/24/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/os0pzazvf6btv4en      Reminder No School November 25-November 27 Thanksgiving Break

11/30/20-12/4/20 https://grav.padlet.org/abarrera25/com7ws78r3he6zbq