This year your child will have a spelling folder.  They will be required to do four spelling activities a week which will be due on Friday.

I know that life happens, so if your child wants to complete two activites on Monday night because there is something scheduled for another night later in the week, that is perfectly fine.

All assignments will stay in your child's folder until the end of the week.  I will then staple all their papers together and send them home.

For the first nine weeks, your child can choose from the following activities:


Directions for Activity

ABC Order

Write all your words in ABC order.

Rainbow Writing

Write your spelling words in pencil then use three different color crayons or colored pencils to trace each word.

Pyramid Writing

Write the first letter on the first line, the first two letters on the second line, etc. until the word has been completely spelled.ccacat


Write a sentence for each spelling word.  More than one word may be used in a sentence.

Backwards Writing

Write each spelling word correctly, then backwards.remember - rebmemer

Scrabble Writing

Write your spelling words and use the Scrabble tiles to add up how much each word is worth.way = 4 + 1 + 4 = 9

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Here are the spelling words for Unit 2.


 Tentative dates are posted beside each story.


Week 1 – Inside Out      September 14 – 18


shovel, southern, northern, chapter, hyphen, chosen, establish, although, challenge, approach, astonish, python, shatter, ethnic, shiver, pharmacy, charity, china, attach, ostrich


 emphasis, sophomore, athlete, phenomenal, chimpanzee


Week 2 – Passage to Freedom September 21 – 25


staffs, ourselves, pants, scissors, loaves, volcanoes, chiefs, buffaloes, flamingos, beliefs, echoes, shelves, quizzes, sheriffs, dominoes, thieves, measles, avocados, chefs, pianos


bailiffs, wharves, mosquitoes, armadillos, desperadoes


Week 3 – The Ch’i-lin Purse   September 28 – October 2


snore, tornado, spare, appear, career, square, report, prepare, pioneer, chair, beware, smear, repair, sword, ignore, order, engineer, resort, volunteer, declare


impair, directory, hardware, clearance, porpoise


Week 4 – Jane Goodall’s 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife        October 19 - 23


example, level, human, quarrel, scramble, evil, oxygen, wooden, double, travel, cancel, chuckle, fossil, toboggan, veteran, chisel, suburban, single, sudden, beagle


obstacle, kindergarten, abdomen, pummel, enlighten

  Week 5 – The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere                 October 26 – 30 

danger, wander, tractor, dollar, harbor, eager, eraser, surrender, solar, sticker, locker, helicopter, pillar, refrigerator, caterpillar, rumor, glimmer, linger, sensor, alligator

 numerator, collector, ancestor, counselor, denominator