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Inside Out       September 14 - 18 

Vocabulary Word

caterpillarthe wormlike larvae of insects such as butterflies and moths
cocooncase of silky thread spun by the larvae of various insects, to live in while they are developing into adults
disrespectto show a lack of respect; to be rude
emergeto come into view; come out; come up
migrantworker, especially a farm worker, who travels from one area to another in search of work
sketcheddrawn roughly and quickly
unscrewedloosened or taken off by turning

 Passage to Freedom                September 21 - 25 

Vocabulary Word

agreementharmony in feeling or opinion
cablemessage sent through wires by electric current; also called a telegram
diplomatperson whose work is to manage relations between nations
issueto send out; put forth
refugeespeople who flee to another country for safety
representativespeople appointed or elected to act or speak for others
superiorspeople who are higher in rank or position
visaofficial signature or endorsement upon passport or document, showing it has been examined and approved

The Ch’i-lin Purse          September 28 – October 2 

Vocabulary Word

astonishedsurprised greatly; amazed
behaviormanner of behaving; way of acting
benefactorperson who has given money or kindly help
distributionact or process of giving some of to each; dividing and giving out in shares
gratitudekindly feeling because of a favor received; desire to do a favor in return; thankfulness
processionsomething that moves forward; persons marching or riding
recommend to speak in favor of; suggest favorably
sacredworthy of reverence
traditionscustoms or beliefs handed down from generation to generation

  Jane Goodall’s 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife       October 19 - 23 

Vocabulary Word

conservationpreservation from harm or decay; protection from loss or from being used up
contributeto help bring about
enthusiasticeagerly interested
environmentcondition of the air, water, soil, etc.
investigationa careful search

  The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere                October 26 – 30 

Vocabulary Word

fatewhat becomes of someone or something
fearlesswithout fear; afraid of nothing
glimmera faint, unsteady light
lingersstays on; goes slowly, as if unwilling to leave
magnifiedcaused something to look larger than it actually is
somberhaving deep shadows; dark; gloomy
steeda horse; especially a riding horse