First Grade Red and Green

 first grade page
Welcome to First Grade!
 Check out our page for announcements, student work, and important information for the Red and Green groups.
I am happy to be your teacher and work with your families this year! My email is - send me any questions you have about class, homework, or anything else.  Or, if you would like to meet with me, you can call the school at 771-713-1058 to set up an appointment.
Here is some information to help get you started in First Grade:
-Homework will be given on Mondays and Wednesdays for English class.  Also, you should try to READ TOGETHER everyday and talk about what you see in the pictures and what is happening in the story.
-Backpacks should be prepared every night so that you are ready for school the next morning.  Check to make sure you have everything you need in your pencil cases, and that you have all your books and homework.
-Lunch should be HEALTHY so that your body is ready to learn!  Sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and maybe a cookie or two makes a great lunch.  Please do not bring food or drinks with a lot of sugar, or it is very hard to listen and learn.  You can only drink WATER in class!
-You are responsible for your things!!  Make sure to write your name in your uniforms, jackets, lunch boxes, and anything else you bring to school.  
Check here for information on important days during the school year!
*The first day of classes is August 23rd!  Please bring all of your supplies if you haven't already.  Whhhaaaaa hooooooooo for First Grade! :)
Here are some websites I recommend for students.  They are a fun way to practice English and a great alternative to watching television!
And, here are some websites I recommend for parents.  They provide information about supporting your child's education at home and help you to understand what is happening in class.