How to Construct Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

Social media, everyone's talking about it, recommends you go for it, but concretely, what kinds of results can you expect using it?

  • Social Media Marketing Services can help you make more sales
  • They help you build a community of customers and fans who love your brand
  • Thanks to them, you can grow your mailing list
  • Social media can help you build awareness of your business

Define Who You Want To Reach

Knowing who you want to talk to is an essential step if you want to effectively establish your online presence! This is your target, your ideal customer. You need to know this target precisely because this will allow you to find inspiration for new training courses, new products, and articles.

Say you sell healthy recipe books for babies and also offer cooking training. Your target will not be parents because it's too broad. It would help if you were as exact as probable. For example, your target audience might be Parents of young children, 25-45 years old, who want healthy, easy, and quick recipes to feed their families. Do you see how the offer you are offering can solve your target's problems?

Know Where Your Ideal Client Is

We agree, if you go on social media, it's not only (?) For the pleasure of being there, but to go and meet your target. This means you should only go to where your ideal customers are already.

I invite you to think again about your target and to do a little research.

  • The platforms on which you can start your analysis are the main ones: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Via these media, you can already get some information about your target! Also, look at the influencers in your industry, see where they are most active. NB: if you see people who offer products or services similar to yours, that's okay. It's even rather encouraging because it means that there are people interested in what you are doing. Many people are afraid and have doubts about the competition. If this is your case, don't let this fool you, there is room for everyone 🙂
  • You can also join online communities: forums, Facebook groups, and ask people what kind of content they would like to have on social media.
  • Of course, don't forget the statistics! Each network offers tools that will give you valuable data on the profile of members of the platform. Another great source of information for you.


This is essential, and it is an important part of your social media strategy. Your branding or branding is made up of certain key elements, but it is mostly about "who you are".

What you want to be recognized for? What is your expertise? What makes you different? Why should people follow you, trust you, and buy from you?

  • Choose your expertise and the topics you want to cover
  • Share your vision
  • Create your marketing message, which defines who you are and what you do

Now that this is clearly stated, it's time to talk about design!

When someone sees one of your visuals, they should be able to recognize you at first glance! With the boom in social media, visual marketing has taken off, and you can't live without it.

So what do you need to work on visually to improve your branding:

  • Last name
  • Profile picture
  • Cover photos
  • Visuals of your blog/site
  • Visuals of your posts on the networks

When you (re) work on these elements, you should keep this in mind:

  1. Keep the same identifier for all of your profiles. If this identifier is already taken, choose another one that is very close
  2. Fonts, colors, images must be consistent and harmonious

The goal of a cohesive and strong brand is that we can connect the content to you no matter where you are found.

Finally, the content you distribute must be consistent with your branding and your positioning. It should also reflect who you are.

It's Always a Matter of Content!

Let me show you how. Every person who comes to your site, to one of your social media, is a potential prospect. She has somehow expressed an interest in what you are doing.

Think of these visitors as shoppers, and your website (or your social media profiles) is a store. They wander around your site, looking for things that might interest them. If you offer a lot of popular content, people will want to follow you and stay in touch with you. And, when they are ready to buy, they will turn to you because they know you have what they need.