Ten Decorative Ideas for a Welcoming and Well Thought-Out Entrance

Ten Decorative Ideas for a Welcoming and Well Thought-Out Entrance

Every morning and every evening, it's the same ritual around the front door. Quickly where are the keys? Where are the papers? I can't find my sunglasses anymore! Where is my second glove? In short, enough to waste precious minutes.

We are therefore going to give you our tips for arranging the entrance to the house and enjoying it as it should! Because it is the first place, your visitors discover from your accommodation and say a lot about you.

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1. Plenty of Hooks for a Practical and Tidy Entry

To have everything close at hand: shoes, coat, bag, scarf, umbrella, don't skimp on storage solutions. On the other hand, you need both practical storage in an entrance that takes up little space and, if possible pretty. Here's a trendy trick: attach wooden cleats to the wall and place as many books as you need and at the ideal height! A tailor-made and inexpensive storage!

2. An XXL Mirror for the Last Look Before Going Out

You can't escape the mirror in the hall. So you might as well do things thoroughly: choose an XXL mirror to combine practicality and decoration. Surprise effect guaranteed for your visitors!

3. A Geometric Painting to Break the Codes

Instead of a sadly banal entryway, opt for bold patterns. Vanishing lines, broken lines, perspectives, vary the patterns and shades to energize your entry :

4. An Entrance With Interior Glass Roof

What could be more depressing than a cramped and dark entrance? Shine the light and give the feeling of a spacious entrance with a workshop glass roof. This solution can also be used if your entrance opens onto the living room and you want to give the entrance hall a real "airlock" function without partitioning with a solid wall

5. A Holiday Home-Style Entrance Hall

Feel free to mix styles and place decorative elements and shrubs that normally go outdoors. This will bring a warm side and instill a "family home" spirit:

6. A Bohemian and Colorful Hall

Here is a resolutely modern entryway: the trend in 2020 is rattan and duck blue. To give character to your entrance hall, do not hesitate to accumulate decorative elements on one of the walls: hats, paintings, etc.

7. A Modern and Refined Entryway

Another house, another style! This entrance hall is refined but far from sad: the off- white brings out tastefully and without ostentation all the room elements: the solid wood shelf, the large mirror, the armchair, and the Panama hat. A long pile carpet comes to recall the abstract patterns present on the paintings. A small green plant brings a refreshing final touch:

8. Plants in Abundance For the Entrance to an Apartment

This hallway entry is the opposite of the minimalist trend, which we are all starting to grow weary of. The jungle seems to "come out" of the wallpaper to extend into the hallway with this profusion of potted plants. The water-green walls give us the impression of entering a bubble of greenery.

9. An Entrance Leading to the Kitchen

In many apartments and houses, the entrance leads directly to the Kitchen. Not a very pleasant start when preparing meals for the guests, nor very hygienic when the dog comes back with dirty paws into your freshly polished Kitchen. Here, to delimit the hall without partitioning (which would have lost light), the choice was to install an openwork partition with storage niches and a colored bench. With a few deco tips, we can work miracles!

10. Storage Adapted to a Narrow Entrance

Is your entrance small and narrow? Opt for high but shallow storage, hooks to hang at different heights to ventilate the space and not to clump all the coats in the same place. A low dresser on which you have cushions, one or two shelves decorated with a mirror, and a very small but organized entrance area.