Course Curriculum/Syllabus

Phlebotomy Technician

Course Curriculum


Course Information:

Course Length:  3 Weeks

Total Hours:  94 Hours


Course Description:

The Phlebotomy Technician Program is designed to teach students the technical knowledge and procedures of basic phlebotomy. This includes the process of blood specimen collection and the performance of venipuncture. The program includes in-class lecture and hands-on instruction.  The student will learn the introduction concepts of Phlebotomy, infection control, anatomy and physiology, procedures, medical terminology, healthcare legal issues, and equipment/ supplies. This program will prepare each student who is interested in starting a career as a phlebotomy technician, in the medical field. This intense and comprehensive course is a total of 100 clocked hours with an additional internship, which requires 40 venipuncture and 20 capillary sticks.  



  • Introduction to Health Science
  • Medical Terminology


Learning Overview:

  • Describe the role for Phlebotomy Technicians.
  • Describe the function of the human body.
  • Define the proper medical terminology used while practicing phlebotomy.
  • Discuss and demonstrate the different techniques used in performing phlebotomy.
  • Demonstrate and explain how to break the chain of infection.
  • Demonstrate how to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the safety of the phlebotomist and patient.
  • Discuss and identify the rights of the patient.
  • Discuss patient consent.
  • Describe different forms of negligence.


Learning Objectives:


Module  Curriculum Hours
1 Intro to Phlebotomy 16
2 Anatomy and Physiology 16 hours
3 Basic Phlebotomy Procedures 32 hours
4 Infection Control 16 hours
5 Equipment and Supplies 10 hours
6 Healthcare legal issues 4 hours
    94 Hours



Instructional Method:

The course consists of face-to-face classroom lecture and laboratory competency skills.


Required Materials/Textbook:

  • Computer access
  • Subscription to online phlebotomy modules 
  • Scrubs



  1. The student will be evaluated through quizzes and exams. Each student will need to pass each exam with 80% or better, in order to move on to the next module and participate in labsessions.
  2. Each student will be required to be signed off on laboratory procedures, to show competency.

Grading Criteria:


A. Class Theory


Quizzes/Homework Points   Exams Points
Module 1 10   Module 1 20
Module 2 10   Module 2 20
Module 3 10   Module 3 20
Module 4 10   Module 4 20
Module 5 10   Module 5 20
Module 6 10   Module 6 20
  60 Total     120 Total
Total Possible 180 points      




B. Laboratory Competency

 RD = Return Demonstration



Lab Procedure Skills Competency
1 PPE Equipment (Proper use and application) RD
2 Infection Control (Patient Prep, sterilization, hand washing) RD
3 Venipuncture technique (Straight needle draw; vacutainer w/syringe) RD
4 Speciman Collection RD & Verbal