20 minutes walk may cut your heart failure risk

20 minutes of walk can reduce heart attack risk by a big margin

A study says that moderate amounts of physical activity, particularly walking and cycling, can significantly reduce the risk of heart failure. The study found that respondents with the lowest physical activity levels also had a 47 percent higher risk of heart failure.

There have been a catena of research institutions which have played a vital role by proving this time and again that lifestyle has a major impact on health.

It is the lifestyle of the person that ends up in having a major chunk of changes to the physical and mental well being of a person.

However the increasing amount of workload is resulting in causing a great amount of tensions and hence affecting the health to a great time extent.

There is a need to ensure that the most vulnerable part of the body which is likely to get affected is none other than our heart. Therefore there is a great need to protect our heart from all the possible failures.

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