Minimally invasive cardiac surgery: An Innovation in Cardiology

We hope you never have a heart attack, cardiac arrest, or any other type of heart disease, but if you do and surgery is your only option for life, minimally invasive cardiac Surgery is a safe and less invasive solution for you.

Depending on the severity of your cardiac ailment, your cardiologist may just advise you to make lifestyle changes and take medications to manage it. If these two options aren’t enough, your doctor may suggest surgery, a medical device (stent), or another technique to treat a more serious cardiac disease.

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Innovation in Heart Surgery

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery has revolutionized the way some heart procedures are carried out today.

Closed-chest heart surgery, also known as robotic heart surgery, is a type of minimally invasive cardiac surgery that allows cardiac surgeons to perform sophisticated heart surgeries through a smaller incision. The operation also reduces surgical stress and blood loss, as well as allowing patients to have a shorter hospital stay and recuperate faster.

The cardiac surgeons employ a specifically built surgical robotic system that comprises of three parts: a console, robotic arms, and an instrument tower carrying a tiny camera in this highly advanced heart operation.

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