Social Studies

This is what I am going to be doing with the students: 
Monday- Lesson 1
 Homework= None
Tuesday-  Lesson 1
Homework= Get paper signed
Wednesday- Lesson 2
 Homework= NONE
Thursday-  Lesson 2
 Homework= NONE
Friday- Lesson 1&2 quiz
Homework= NONE 
Unit 3 examines the Classical Age in Asia, with the innovations and ideas about life that were a part of that era.  In this unit, students will learn about political, social, and economical, changes, in Asia that created traditions which lasted for thousands of years.                
Chapter 4 lesson 2 Notes
Chapter 4 lesson 2 Review Questions due 4-6-10
Chapter 5 lesson 1 Notes
Chapter 5 lesson 1 Review Questions due 4-13-10
Chapter 5 Lesson 2 Notes
Chapter 5 lesson 2 Review Questions due
Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Notes
Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Review Questions due
Current Event due 4-9-10
Ancient China Test: TBA