One- Way Communication

Our school and district have many ways of communicating with families. When you registered your child, you had the option of phone calls, texts, and/or emails for automatic announcements. In the beginning of the year each of you received the Student/Parent Handbook as part of the registration process as well. Although these things are convenient for providing you with important information, these forms of communication are one way. You will receive some one-way written communication from me in the form of flyers and other paperwork. 

Two-Way Communication

I will always provide ways for two-way communication between us. I value your input, and will be sensitive to any concerns that you may have. Do not hesitate to come speak with me before or after class while dropping off or picking up your child, as well as calling or emailing me at anytime.

Beginning this week, I will be sending home a packet every Friday. The packet will be filled with your child's completed work for the week, flyers, sign-up sheets for upcoming events, and a behavior card will always be found in this packet. Along with the information in the packet, I will include a Table of Contents that outlines what to look for inside the packet. This allows you to notice if anything is missing. On the front of the packet is a place for your signature, and also a space for comments. The packet will return to me on Monday, either empty, or with any paperwork that needs to be signed or filled out.

All of you have provided me with your availability and preferred methods of discussing the progress of your children. These meetings or phone conferences will take place the first week of every month at our scheduled times. For access to daily accounts of your child's behavior and class activities, you may download the Class Dojo App on your phone and connect with our class.  Grades will not be posted here. Your child will bring a hard copy of his or her report card home in an envelope for you to sign at the end of each grading session. Grades, MAP test scores, assignments, to-do lists, and attendace are all posted on Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The websites for both Class Dojo and Infinite Campus are listed below.