MLA guidelines

The ELA department at Apponequet requires students to adhere to the formats prescribed by the MLA (Modern Language Association).  In my courses, MLA headings and essay formats are expected on all writing assignments, from personal reflections to research papers.  Students even have to use the appropriate MLA heading on tests and quizzes. 

One of the purposes of this is to familiarize students with one set of guidelines.  Thus, when students enter college, they are at least comfortable with MLA structure.  Of course, once there, they may have to learn and use other guidelines, like APA, etc.  Hopefully, adhering to one set of standards consistently throughout high school will encourage students to follow any guidelines required of them beyond high school.

Below, I have listed basic MLA requirements and various links that can offer more MLA help.

     Basic MLA requirements:

      Font: Times New Roman, Size 12

      Margins:1-inch, all around


     Helpful Links: