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Letters to Veterans, Christmas Card Making for Soldiers, Christmas Cards for Children in the hospital for the holidays, Holiday movie

College Design Project Guidelines due Thursday December 15th:

  1. Create a name for you college. 
  2. Write a mission statement.  Colleges create mission statements in order to convey their academic beliefs to people. It should be direct and have a clear purpose.
  3. What are the three top majors at your school? 
  4. Is it a specialty school for arts, sciences or liberal arts? 
  5. What kinds of classes are offered at your school?  Create a mini-course book.  You should include the name, department, and brief (3-5 sentence) description of each of ten classes.
  6. What is your school mascot? 
  7. What are your school colors?  What types of sports and activities are offered?
  8. What kinds of services are available to students? 
  9. What is the residential situation like? (Dorms)
  10. How is the library structured? 
  11. Is there a student handbook, honor code, and/or student government in place?
  12. Create a school banner.
  13. Create a building that is present at your college.  It can be the library, dorm, admissions building, gym, etc.
  14. Everything should have a rough draft and a final draft. 

You may use the internet to help you.  Each group member will receive an individual grade.  Your participation in the project will be evaluated on a daily basis during class



Research Report : College Design Project

Teacher Name: Ms. Bruckner

Student Name:     ________________________________________








Quality of Information

Information clearly relates to the main topic. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.

Information clearly relates to the main topic. It provides 1-2 supporting details and/or examples.

Information clearly relates to the main topic. No details and/or examples are given.

Information has little or nothing to do with the main topic.

Amount of Information

All topics are addressed and all questions answered with at least 2 sentences about each.

All topics are addressed and most questions answered with at least 2 sentences about each.

All topics are addressed, and most questions answered with 1 sentence about each.

One or more topics were not addressed.


Information is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs and subheadings.

Information is organized with well-constructed paragraphs.

Information is organized, but paragraphs are not well-constructed.

The information appears to be disorganized. 8)

Visual Appeal of Project

Students created a striking visual display that allows other students to be prompted to ask questions

Students created a visual display that is interesting and shows effort

Students' visual display could have shown more effort

Students' visual display is barely constructed or shows a lack of effort


THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10TH account creation

Creating a College Board Account
Step 1: Open the Internet and go to
Step 2: On the very top of the webpage, click on the tab that says “College Search”
Step 3: On the left hand side there is a box titled “My Organizer”- it’s blue. Click the link that has an arrow next to it and it says “sign up”
Step 4: Use your college data worksheet to help you create an account. When you create a username and password, come speak to me so that I may write it down and know it in case you forget.
Step 5: Once your account has been created, explore College Board a little bit.
Homework: Article Summaries if you have not completed them yet; explore the College Board Website with your new account.