School Supplies

Supply List 2010-2011



Each student needs to be prepared EACH DAY! Here are the supplies they will need to help ensure success….

          ___1 spiral notebook

          ___1 marble composition book

          ___1 2-inch binder

          ___1 pack of binder dividers

          ___1 box of black pens (erasable preferred)

          ___1 pack of multi-colored highlighters

          ___1 pack of colored pencils

          ___1 pack of #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

          ___3 pocket folders with prongs

          ___1 soft zip pencil pouch

          ___1 glue stick

          ___1 pair of student scissors

          ___Wide ruled notebook paper
               ___Fine point dry erase markers               

Our Classroom Wish Lists:

          ___Gallon, quart, sandwich Ziploc bags            

          ___Boxes of tissues

          ___Paper towels

          ___Containers of disinfecting wipes (no bleach)

          ___Packs of wide ruled notebook paper

          ___Boxes of #2 pencils

          ___Colored copy paper

          ___HP 96 color printer cartridge

          ___Post It Note Chart paper    


Thank you in advance for starting our year off ready and prepared!