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Welcome to our virtual classroom.  On this website, we will extend the learning from the classroom into your home. 

Volunteers Needed!

Parents, if you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, please email me at:  Our classroom has very different volunteer options.  Here are a few of our needs:

  • Classroom mom
  • Field trip chaperones
  • Fundraiser coordinators
  • Picture Day
  • Lab assistants

“Volunteers are love in motion.”
- Author unknown

Supplies needed

The following supplies are needed for this class:

  1. notebook
  2. colored pencils
  3. glue stick
  4. calculator
  5. pens/pencils
  6. scissors

Science Project #1

Downhill Race

Two cylinders that look the same may roll down a hill at different rates.

Two objects with the same shape and the same mass may behave differently when they roll down a hill. How quickly an object accelerates depends partly on how its mass is distributed. A cylinder with a heavy hub accelerates more quickly than a cylinder with a heavy rim.


Important Dates:  
Open House        November 29, 2016  

Holiday Concert  December 13, 2016

Science Fair          December 19, 2016  


Homework:  Week #7

-- Read pages 75-84

-- Take Cornell Notes

-- Complete your interactive notebook on Force and Motion.

Important Links:

I look forward to a great school year.  This website will be updated weekly to keep everybody aware of the science learning taking place!

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