Computer Class News

I’m thrilled to be teaching your children computer skills this year. I hold a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology and worked for an Ed. Tech. company before joining ACA last school year. Therefore, I’m not only eager to help your child become comfortable with their typing skills, but also teach them how to utilize technology to creatively complete class assignments and presentations. I look forward to helping your child learn and explore technology in computer class.

Mrs. Hewett

What we are working on for the beginning of the school year:

- Kindergarten will be learning how to use the mouse through a series of exploratory exercises, drills, and games 

- 1st grade will be introduced to proper keyboarding technique and the home row keys

- 2nd - 5th grade will be reviewing proper keyboarding technique and heavily practicing keyboarding for the first 9 weeks

Typing Skills & Educational Links:

BBC Bitesize - Dance Mat Typing


*I will be adding more links throughout the year, so please check back periodically.