Homework Policy

Home Learning Policy



Homework is an essential component of the learning process for students with the assignment of meaningful learning activities. While homework should provide opportunities for students to reinforce what is taught in the classroom, the assignments should be based on learning outcomes that build students’ conceptual understanding, develop thinking skills, and focus on the application of knowledge. Homework assignments should engage students in purposeful, relevant learning that meets their academic needs, with assignments emphasizing quality and depth over length and repetition.


Pursuant to school board guidelines on homework, 5th grade students should have about 1 hour of homework in which they could be working on daily home learning assignments or projects and MUST spend a minimum of 30 minutes reading (that are not included in that hour). The reading time at home is extremely important for students to have a successful school year. Students will need to do i-Ready in both Reading and Math as part of their homework at least 2 times a week. Please make sure that you have 1 ½ hours set aside in your schedules to allow for the completion of the homework.


Home Learning Expectations:

As fifth grade students you will have to be responsible in managing your time and prioritizing your life. You will be getting home learning in Math daily, there will be some Reading/Language Arts, and Science on most nights. Let's not forget i-Ready! Therefore, it is extremely important that you STUDY on a daily basis since there is so much to learn in order to meet the expectations set for you as fifth grade students.



Below is my home learning policy:

Home Learning will be given to support class instruction. Learning is a step by step process where students must practice skills before they can master them.
Therefore, if you decide not to complete your home learning, you will be penalized. (Completed home learning means that all assignments are completed to the best of your abilities!!!). Although I might not give home learning every night, I expect that you will be studying what we learned in class. I believe in quality" vs. “quantity".


Home learning will be posted on the web page (beginning of the year); however, changes may be made during class, so it is important that you write down the home learning from the board in your agenda. Use the web page for backup or for when you are absent. The work that will be checked will be the home learning given in class. Eventually, as the year progresses, students will be expected to rely on copying the homework assignments as I will stop posting the work. I do this to prepare students and make them accountable for being responsible in getting their assignments.


If a student fails to bring in a home learning assignment, he/she is not being responsible. The consequences for this are as follows:

Student will be expected to complete a "No Homework Excuse Note".

If a student continuously is missing home learning assignments, parent will be notified in order to monitor and reinforce student's responsibility to complete the assignments. Thereafter, if student continues to miss doing home learning assignments the effort grade will be affected.

In the nine week period, any child that has missed 6 home learning assignments will receive a 3 as an EFFORT grade.




*** However, I understand circumstances may arise and you may not be able to complete an assignment. If this happens, you must have a parent note turned in the day that the assignment is due. It will not be taken at a later date!!! Circumstances happen once in awhile, NOT once a week or three times a month. Please remember that it is your responsibility to complete the home learning, not your parents’, so please do not abuse this opportunity, as I will not accept it.